How to Start A Blog That Works in Nigeria

It is everywhere and the dailies also help popularize the story. Nigerian female blogger, Linda Ikeji is rich. She makes millions from her dear blog.

Sure, it's appealing. It appears blogging is the long sought path to richness.

How do I start a Nigerian blog that will make huge sum like hers? That sounds like a question I always ask myself. Maybe you are also asking the same too.

The truth is: Linda is probably one of the early starters blogger in Nigeria. Remember the rule is: champion dominates and early birds catches their prey. Does that mean it's pointless starting a blog now?

Never. Linda is huge, no doubt. But she only dominates a tiny area of the web. The news and gossip section. There is still a lot more your blog can contribute to humanity. You must be ready to deep yourself into real uniqueness that attracts audience, I mean you being a purple cow.

If you want to stand out as a new blogger, you must focus on serving real value and not just starting a copy and paste business that hopes to make money someday. Here is exactly what you should know.

Real Bloggers Strive To Make Impact


Starting a blog requires some technicalities which I explained in this series. This post is a simple guide pointing out what should drive you towards owning a blog. 

Well, my point is: you are not starting a blog to chase traffic especially in Nigeria. Trust me, no one gives a damn. They won't come. Neither will they pay you.

After all what actually is the essence of your news blog when the gossips you promised as hotter and original on somewhere else like Linda Ikeji, YNAIJA or Olufamous's.

This shows why making real impact should be the strive in your content strategy. Pick a topic that is not too obvious and research enough that your post cannot be found anywhere else on the blogosphere. Then teach us what the world has echoed to you.

Dire To Be unique

I know uniqueness may seem like a lone path. After all, the big bloggers in Nigeria are all news carriers. But consider Bamidele and Abdullahi - these guys are remarkable in the writing, freelancing and blogging sphere.

Anything Can Work

There is nothing stopping you from being one of the highly sought Nigerian blogger in 2017. The simple truth is, anything can work as a topic for your blog. Just start with the right mindset of focusing on impacting lives.

Be open at first, test several areas your audience might respond to. Once you got the topic with the highest responses, stick to it. You probably will have to work on building email list and the others including great social media presence and SEO numbo jumbo. However, a successful blog with pay fro the stress of a thousand that fails.

Entrepreneur: Here is Why You Need A Morning Walk?

Apart from its health importance what other benefit do you stand to gain bouncing your body on the road every morning?

Invariably, I will say a thousand or two benefits are lurking far away from the observable health data. Moreover, you are an entrepreneur you should be more consent about your health than anyone you know. Why?

You simple can have your big dreams watching your health wither. You earn more, scale your business, build relationships and network only when you have a sound health.

Well, like every other article on the blogosphere you have already learned that much. But what other reasons do you have to wake up every morning or in your weekends to have your legs wack out of use while bouncing on the road?

Here are few other reasons I just identified:

#1. Consistent Morning Walk Equals Good Work Ethics.

If you can walk up 6 AM even in the chilling weather of December, chances are you can build a billion dollar company because consistency like this many great companies great.

#2. A Ground for Determination Test

If are always on the long road every morning, you instantly get the gist. When going get tough, the tough get going- that's one of my common saying when the inertia starts setting in.

A consistent practice of determination like this will definitely help increase one determination tenacity.

#3. The Idea Rush Hour

Although, I have no statistical data to prove this but I am a living testimony. You simply bump into the idea at some moments when you are right on the go tearing through the wave that want you stable and not moving.

Perhaps, this has something to do with the fast flow of blood that occurs while you are on the run. 

Upcoming: My Little Way of Saying Thank You

Two bulbs and a paper plane
Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking the proper way to say thank you to all of you that read this crappy weird blog.
Sincerely I can't denial I love you deeply because only lovers stay while things are hard.
No doubt, my B.Sc programme is important to me at this stage of my life. Well, I can say I have lost the churn of the erstwhile burning interest. Just doing it for the certificate, no tripping anymore.
That aside, I have a pretty message for you.

Hi friend, You have a Message.

I am releasing my book "Rethink Blogging" for free download on this blog.

PowerPoint: Basic and Advanced for Free

I am tired of telling people why they should succeed, I'm ready to show them how I am succeeding.

Do you really want to learn?

Join me this Saturday (11th March, 2016) as I took you by the hand to teach you the basics and advance sides of PowerPoint presentation and how to land your first clients to pay you to design a presentation. All these for free.

Who is Timmy Brain to teach you?

He is an entrepreneur, web developer and blogger. He is the author of Rethink Blogging and CEO of FX MEDIA and FX Clothing. He is a student that feeds and clothes himself and even send money home. A nerd that knows nothing about fashion but makes money from the industry. He barely understands what "echo" means in PHP but has build wonderful websites for businesses that pays school fees.

Do you want to be like him?

If so. Join me this Saturday as I teach you to your first customer in PowerPoint presentations. You learn all the magic behind the slides. If you are really wondering does this worth your time. Consider this question: what if i have a skill that can earn the average of the #20,000 per week working only 2 hours? If you are the type that ask such question.

The PowerPoint training class may be of great help to achieving financial freedom while in school. In short, you will learn PowerPoint and get the power to point your customers to pay.

Don't try to miss it.

But be aware and schedule your next Saturday for the empowering gathering. Venue will be COA, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.

How to Setup Custom Domain in Blogger

There are many free server you can connect your domain with. However I'll suggest you use because it's the simplest and easiest to configure. I would have suggest WordPress but the cost of mapping it worth 10X the amount we secure your domain, they map at $13.

Crazy, isn't?  I think so.

When I promised you will start a blog with only $1.17, and you've probably pay cafe charges out of the budget.

Hey Friday, jokes out!

You may have heard of 000webhost free web hosting plan and, perhaps, you are already cooking the idea of linking your domain to their server. But I am sorry you are cooking up your web death.

Don't feel puzzled. I did the same when I first heard of it in a cheat sheet.

I used it for the past few weeks but the limitation I faced were worse more than blogging on the Blogger platform. Hence, I restore my verdict for blogger.

If you are ready to venture into blogger, let do it quick.

Create A Blogger Blog

Before we can possibly map your domain, you first need a free Blogger account. In case you never have one, you also really need a google mail account for this pursuit.

If you already own a Google Mail account, kindly log in with your Firefox or Chrome.

Next, pick on your address box and shot the address and you are a step to create your sub-domain blog. You will see a page like this.

How To Setup Custom 1and1 Domain in Blogger: Create free Blogspot
  • Next, click on the "continue to blogger" box to get on.

  • A new page comes up, filled up with so complicated wordings. Relax and do this:
  •  Click on New Blog

How To Setup Custom 1and1 Domain in Blogger: Create free Blogspot

How To Setup Custom 1and1 Domain in Blogger: Create free Blogspot
  • Once you clicked on the New Blog a short form pops up:
  • Fill the Title Column for your blog
  • Pick any Web address
  • Then click on the Create Blog 
This new page will forever be your Control Panel unless Blogger decided otherwise tomorrow. However, for now on, it will be the board where all other further tweaks will take place.

Now let move on

  • Click on Add a Custom Domain Name (see in the image below)
    • Out of the list options Click on the Settings  Publishing > Blog Address

How To Setup Custom 1and1 Domain in Blogger:First Create free Blogspot


This is where many got it all wrong.

What blogger want use to do is simple. Those two listed under "Name, Label or Host" becomes a Subdomains in your 1and1 Domain Control panel.

While the two addresses on the right become their different 'alias'

Let Do The Tweak at Your 1and1 Control Panel

  1. Visit 1and1 login page
  2. Fill in your details (as shown in the image below)
2016 New Interface: Connect your 1and1 domain with blogger 2016 New Interface: Connect your 1and1 domain with blogger

Are You logged in?

  • Now, Click on the "Manage Domain" button at your right.
  • 2016 New Interface: Connect your 1and1 domain with blogger
  • Click on Create Subdomain 
  • Create the first subdomain with "www"
  • Go on and save it.
  • Then create the second value the same way.
  • 2016 New Interface: Connect your 1and1 domain with blogger

    Now let add the "Alias" to Complete the process

    1. Go back to Domain Center
    2. Click on Manage Domain
    3. Then Click on the "more" on any of the subdomain
    4. The list becomes longer
    5. Click on the "edit  DNS setting"
    6. If the subdomain you opened is "WWW"
    7.  Change the s
    8. Fill it with the "" as the alias
    2016 New Interface: Connect your 1and1 domain with blogger  

    2016 New Interface: Connect your 1and1 domain with blogger 
    Now go back to the Blogger Tab, then click on SAVE again. "

    Bang we are done! Clap for yourself.


    There are ten things I have observed people who don't know about blogging thinks about the art. These ten things on my list are objects of empirical research, hence, they may not hold in every setting. However, as far as I know, every single one holds in Nigeria.


     Here are the ten myths I had noticed people has about blogging and the ACTUAL truth against such misconceptions.

    #1. Blogging requires High Tech Knowledge

    I've met a handful of friends who say they can't go into blogging because it requires high tech knowledge. Many of them who have heard about HTML believe they must learn the language perfectly before thinking of a blog.

    The truth is: they are all wrong. Blogging doesn't take that much. Once you can easily use Microsoft Word or any other word processor app for typing, you can blog perfectly. You do all the layout and writing in your word processor, then copy and paste it in your dashboard editor, then click published, you are good - that's how simple blogging is.

    For those who assume opening a blog is the hardest, you are wrong. In fact, you can own a blog in five minutes. It's that easy and simple. You can probably Google search how to start a blog, a lot of articles will be displayed to you with images that can guide you along.

    #2. It's overtly Expensive.

    Another myth is that bloggers are billioniares and millioniares. They start their blogs with thousands of dollars. One thing ground this mythology: bloggers often appear too lofty on their blog. They talk about making millions and six figures.

    Nevertheless, you can own a blog on a totally free platform or host/map a cheap one. If you starting a sub-domain blog like, it's free. But if you want the dot com account like, you can map a domain with a free server as low as $1.17 or host as low as $2.97 a month.

    #3. News and Music Blog Pay the Most.

    No. You are just wrong this time. News and music blog don't pay the most. It's how hard the blogger can work - how possibly he can market and sell himself - that determines his income. The news and music blog just tend to pull more traffic than other blogs because of the wild consumption of that niche.

    #4. All Clicks Equate Money.

    Whenever I implore friends to start blogging, I notice that the next likely question is how do you make my money? And when I start explaining the tedious deal, they ask what about the clicks I generate.

     Ain't that amount to something? No. It doesn't.

    In fact, ninety-five percent of links you will come across on a blog don't earn the blogger a dime. Most of this links are there to promote another post on the blog or refer you to a resource.

    Recently a friend of mine narrated his ordeal to me. He launched an online resource where you can upload lost items for a possible owner to claim, he calls it Found on Campus. The funny thing is: his course mates vowed they won't visit his blog because he'll earn from every data they use on his site and thus become wealthier than them in no time.

    Wow! Is that true? Maybe. But I haven't learned how to make money from your data myself even if it's possible.

    However, there are links which earn blogger. They are affiliate or referral links and, in most cases, the blogger tells you what he is doing or asking you to. Referrer links are links to online products or sales pages.

    I currently referral people for 1&1, that doesn't imply any extra charges. In fact, following a referral link may mean a reduction in the sales price if the blogger was awarded a promo code to pass to customers.

    #5. Every Dot Com Blog Is A BiG Blog.

    Yet another myth. In fact, this is a wrong assertion you must delete fast.

    Don't get scammed by dot com blogs, I got mine for just $1.17 - a scammer can get that and use it to deceive you. If you want to check the authority of any blog visit Alexa to check its ranking.

    Whenever a blog is asking for to pay for anything, please go search for its reviews. Most credible online businesses have blogs writing reviews about them.

    For instance, Amazon and Amazon products have thousands of reviews about them online - that's a brand you can trust.

    #6. You Must Be A Celebrity To Pull Crowd.

    Quitting every doubt, celebrity blogs pull crowd easily. Nevertheless, many ordinary people have proved blogging is not for the celebs. Thus it's close to a myth saying only celebrities should blog because they already have a devoted audience.

    In case you still doubt me of what you can become as a blogger when nobody knows your name read this blogger's story.

    #7. 100 of Accolades and Success Stories.

    Unlike the last point, people with this mindset believes that an ordinary person but with extraordinary achievements owns the blog-sphere.


    Don't get intimidated when bloggers lavish around their awarded and accolades on their blog, you too deserve recognition if you work hard on your blog. All people want is valuable and informative contents - give them that and they will appreciate you the more. Bamidele had nothing special when he started his blog, now he is the number tycoon in blogging business in Nigeria

    #8. Google Ads is the Essence of Blogging.

    What! Who taught you that. In fact, it's the most dangerous way of monetizing your blog.


    If you thought of building a devoted audience don't monetize your blog with Google AdSense - it takes your readers away to somewhere you don't know.

    Google Ads use an on-time auction system where Google decides which ad to be displayed on your site at any point in time. Google also decide how much a click worth at varying prices.

    The worth is: I've been on a religion blog with Google Ads and the ads there is about betting - something most religion preach against. What's my point? Google Ads distract your audience and take them, most likely, to where you won't like. Think twice before you put in for their programs.

    #9. A blog is an Official Site!

    I did a campaign to promote my other blog on WhatsApp groups. After a while, I received a message from an unknown contact from one of the groups claiming he visited the site to read my post but he's disappointed because I'm using an informal tone for my posts - contractions and friendly words.

    What? I think this guy hasn't visited great blogs or his perception is that blogs are official sites.

    Don't get it wrong: blogs are owned by common people and it's a mean of interaction. It's more like a Facebook or Twitter handle. In fact, some blogs teach the weirdest things on earth.

    Change your stand, blogs are chatty avenue too. Don't get disappointed when a blogger lies about something, although there is a limitation to that. Perhaps a government or NGO blog may be an official one, but not all.

    #10. Blogs are for Writers.

    The bone of contention is: who are writers? If Seth Godin only posts with an average of 100 words, then you too can blog. Everybody is a writer now.

    Take for instance, if you can tweet in 140 characters; tell your mom about yours needs in 200 words messages, and write a Facebook status of 300 words; then you can blog right - you've got all it takes to share your ideas with the world. Just make sure you keep learning the more.

    Moreover, you can vlog - start a video blog - or launch a podcast blog - where you share audio messages. You can actually if you want to: you only need to kill the myths in your head.

    If this post informs you well, help somebody to get off the hook of ignorance by sharing this post - you might become the stepping stone for a next top blogger who still believe in these myths and yet to start blogging.


    Nobel Carpets and Rugs is no doubt the best brand in the African market.

    That is a promotional statement, right? No. I don't think so.

    Having won the AQAA award in 2015, and being producer of the blissful rugs and carpets that make me dream paradise in my Uncle's house, I think I can say it in a billion times that the Nobel rugs and carpets are the best for Africans homes and offices - I haven't been to Europe and other continents, I would have claim it's the best in world.

    What is the point? 

    Of the numbers of companies in the same industry, only Nobel Carpets and Rugs counts bloggers as worthy men by lauching a "Write it, Blog it" contest that made me write this. Not only that, I have been a big fan of their product ever since I was a child.

    That's a big lie, right? No. I don't invent that.

    We don't use their product in my house and I'm not claiming that. We live in a fully tiled house. Moreover, my mother also detest rugs because she believes it doen't fit our kind of family - think about water and children, rug for a six children setting, truly it is no good.


    I have a place I spend the whole of my weekends because I enjoy the smooth and soft rugs there. My uncle's house is no doubt decent, nice and comfortable. And I know the secret: it's the best set of designs and patterns of carpets and rugs that make the place colorful. He also use the same set of rugs in his office at Ikeja.

    How did I know it's Nobel's? 

    My uncle don't only use the same set of carpets and rugs in his office and home concidentally, he knows what product he wants. In fact, I've heard him recommending it for his friends, no sweetmouth effect.

    My Conclusion. 

    I don't care if I don't win the bloggers contest, but I care about reckoning the good standard of any product. Nobel Carpets and Rugs don't only suit homes and offices perfectly, they do a magical thing to them- they transform every home and office to somewhere decent and loveable. Apart for the attractiveness they create, they are of great qualities, moderately affordable and last longer than many other product. I think you should give it a try.

    If you know more about this product, tell me in the comment box.