There are ten things I studied people who have little knowledge about blogging thinks about the art. These ten myths or out-of-point assumptions on my list are objects of empirical research which may not hold in every setting. However, as far as I know, every single one holds in Nigeria.



#1. Blogging requires High Tech Knowledge

I've met a handful of friends who say they can't go into blogging because it requires high tech knowledge. Many of them who have heard about HTML believe they must learn the language perfectly before thinking of a blog.

The truth is: they are all wrong. Blogging doesn't take that much. Once you can easily use Microsoft Word or any other word processor app for typing, you can blog perfectly. You do all the layout and writing in your word processor, then copy and paste it in your dashboard editor, then click published, you are good - that's how simple blogging is.

For those who assume opening a blog is the hardest, you are wrong. In fact, you can own a blog in five minutes. It's that easy and simple. You can probably Google search how to start a blog, a lot of articles will be displayed to you with images that can guide you along.

#2. It's overtly Expensive.

Another myth is that bloggers are billioniares and millioniares. They start their blogs with thousands of dollars. One thing ground this mythology: bloggers often appear too lofty on their blog. They talk about making millions and six figures.

Nevertheless, you can own a blog on a totally free platform or host/map a cheap one. If you starting a sub-domain blog like, it's free. But if you want the dot com account like, you can map a domain with a free server as low as $1.17 or host as low as $2.97 a month.

#3. News and Music Blog Pay the Most.

No. You are just wrong this time. News and music blog don't pay the most. It's how hard the blogger can work - how possibly he can market and sell himself - that determines his income. The news and music blog just tend to pull more traffic than other blogs because of the wild consumption of that niche.

#4. All Clicks Equate Money.

Whenever I implore friends to start blogging, I notice that the next likely question is how do you make my money? And when I start explaining the tedious deal, they ask what about the clicks I generate.

 Ain't that amount to something? No. It doesn't.

In fact, ninety-five percent of links you will come across on a blog don't earn the blogger a dime. Most of this links are there to promote another post on the blog or refer you to a resource.

Recently a friend of mine narrated his ordeal to me. He launched an online resource where you can upload lost items for a possible owner to claim, he calls it Found on Campus. The funny thing is: his course mates vowed they won't visit his blog because he'll earn from every data they use on his site and thus become wealthier than them in no time.

Wow! Is that true? Maybe. But I haven't learned how to make money from your data myself even if it's possible.

However, there are links which earn blogger. They are affiliate or referral links and, in most cases, the blogger tells you what he is doing or asking you to. Referrer links are links to online products or sales pages.

I currently referral people for 1&1, that doesn't imply any extra charges. In fact, following a referral link may mean a reduction in the sales price if the blogger was awarded a promo code to pass to customers.

#5. Every Dot Com Blog Is A BiG Blog.

Yet another myth. In fact, this is a wrong assertion you must delete fast.

Don't get scammed by dot com blogs, I got mine for just $1.17 - a scammer can get that and use it to deceive you. If you want to check the authority of any blog visit Alexa to check its ranking.

Whenever a blog is asking for to pay for anything, please go search for its reviews. Most credible online businesses have blogs writing reviews about them.

For instance, Amazon and Amazon products have thousands of reviews about them online - that's a brand you can trust.

#6. You Must Be A Celebrity To Pull Crowd.

Quitting every doubt, celebrity blogs pull crowd easily. Nevertheless, many ordinary people have proved blogging is not for the celebs. Thus it's close to a myth saying only celebrities should blog because they already have a devoted audience.

In case you still doubt me of what you can become as a blogger when nobody knows your name read this blogger's story.

#7. 100 of Accolades and Success Stories.

Unlike the last point, people with this mindset believes that an ordinary person but with extraordinary achievements owns the blog-sphere.


Don't get intimidated when bloggers lavish around their awarded and accolades on their blog, you too deserve recognition if you work hard on your blog. All people want is valuable and informative contents - give them that and they will appreciate you the more. Bamidele had nothing special when he started his blog, now he is the number tycoon in blogging business in Nigeria

#8. Google Ads is the Essence of Blogging.

What! Who taught you that. In fact, it's the most dangerous way of monetizing your blog.


If you thought of building a devoted audience don't monetize your blog with Google AdSense - it takes your readers away to somewhere you don't know.

Google Ads use an on-time auction system where Google decides which ad to be displayed on your site at any point in time. Google also decide how much a click worth at varying prices.

The worth is: I've been on a religion blog with Google Ads and the ads there is about betting - something most religion preach against. What's my point? Google Ads distract your audience and take them, most likely, to where you won't like. Think twice before you put in for their programs.

#9. A blog is an Official Site!

I did a campaign to promote my other blog on WhatsApp groups. After a while, I received a message from an unknown contact from one of the groups claiming he visited the site to read my post but he's disappointed because I'm using an informal tone for my posts - contractions and friendly words.

What? I think this guy hasn't visited great blogs or his perception is that blogs are official sites.

Don't get it wrong: blogs are owned by common people and it's a mean of interaction. It's more like a Facebook or Twitter handle. In fact, some blogs teach the weirdest things on earth.

Change your stand, blogs are chatty avenue too. Don't get disappointed when a blogger lies about something, although there is a limitation to that. Perhaps a government or NGO blog may be an official one, but not all.

#10. Blogs are for Writers.

The bone of contention is: who are writers? If Seth Godin only posts with an average of 100 words, then you too can blog. Everybody is a writer now.

Take for instance, if you can tweet in 140 characters; tell your mom about yours needs in 200 words messages, and write a Facebook status of 300 words; then you can blog right - you've got all it takes to share your ideas with the world. Just make sure you keep learning the more.

Moreover, you can vlog - start a video blog - or launch a podcast blog - where you share audio messages. You can actually if you want to: you only need to kill the myths in your head.

If this post informs you well, help somebody to get off the hook of ignorance by sharing this post - you might become the stepping stone for a next top blogger who still believe in these myths and yet to start blogging.


Nobel Carpets and Rugs is no doubt the best brand in the African market.

That is a promotional statement, right? No. I don't think so.

Having won the AQAA award in 2015, and being producer of the blissful rugs and carpets that make me dream paradise in my Uncle's house, I think I can say it in a billion times that the Nobel rugs and carpets are the best for Africans homes and offices - I haven't been to Europe and other continents, I would have claim it's the best in world.

What is the point? 

Of the numbers of companies in the same industry, only Nobel Carpets and Rugs counts bloggers as worthy men by lauching a "Write it, Blog it" contest that made me write this. Not only that, I have been a big fan of their product ever since I was a child.

That's a big lie, right? No. I don't invent that.

We don't use their product in my house and I'm not claiming that. We live in a fully tiled house. Moreover, my mother also detest rugs because she believes it doen't fit our kind of family - think about water and children, rug for a six children setting, truly it is no good.


I have a place I spend the whole of my weekends because I enjoy the smooth and soft rugs there. My uncle's house is no doubt decent, nice and comfortable. And I know the secret: it's the best set of designs and patterns of carpets and rugs that make the place colorful. He also use the same set of rugs in his office at Ikeja.

How did I know it's Nobel's? 

My uncle don't only use the same set of carpets and rugs in his office and home concidentally, he knows what product he wants. In fact, I've heard him recommending it for his friends, no sweetmouth effect.

My Conclusion. 

I don't care if I don't win the bloggers contest, but I care about reckoning the good standard of any product. Nobel Carpets and Rugs don't only suit homes and offices perfectly, they do a magical thing to them- they transform every home and office to somewhere decent and loveable. Apart for the attractiveness they create, they are of great qualities, moderately affordable and last longer than many other product. I think you should give it a try.

If you know more about this product, tell me in the comment box.

Exactly How I Started A $1.17 Dot Com Blog.

For now, I think this is the cheapest blog anyone can own. A $1.17 (#397.80) blog is no doubt a cheap blog. The good news is: it can perform every function the big blog possess if you know how to tweak your way around it.
Blogging is a great business, no doubt. It is a great adventure that also help one grow all round. It boosts your confidence and creativity.
I think blogging is a worthy quest for all. But there are many buts that is holding many back from blogging. Of this myriads of reasons I've found two to be the most pressing:
  1. I don't know how to blog
  2. I know how to blog, but it free platforms doesn't catch people's eyes.
  3. The dot com blog is expensive.
Okay. Truth be said, I have been in this abyss of confusion about the blogosphere. It's really tiresome at first. This guide will take you off the hook, and make you a blogger in the next minute.

Three Ways To Own A Blog.

Reading around the web has teach me three ways to own a blog. This three ways are blogs of different levels or class. First:

The Free Blog.

You can own a free blog in the next one minute. The popular blogs you see around like Linda's, Myaceworld, Gifted Pens on Medium are all free blogs.
You can start yours by having an email or twitter account. For Medium, you can connect with your Facebook, Twitter or Email. While Tumblr, Blogspot, WordPress,, and require only your email address.
Note: For blogspot you must have a gmail account.
The flaw in this type of blog is the limitations imposed by the server company. They are lot of terms and conditions. If you are not yet convinced and want to try them out, go read it now.

Host an Account:

This is virtually the opposite of the free blogs. To host an account means to have a place on the web. It is the best thing you can get. But what? It's expensive.
I host my other blog for $47 a year, even while I escape many important services that will help my blog grow faster.
It's costly, and I don't think you are reading this post to make sure huge investment now.

Map Your Domain.

The third way to own a blog is to map a domain with existing servers.

What's a domain?

Your domain is your address online, it's location of your site (for this blog, my domain name is: It's freely given to you when you use the free platforms ( e.g. But the free ones will recite the server domain and your name become the sub-domain. (Eg. Authorsincharge (sub-domain). {domain}).
However, you too can own a domain ( for just $1.17(#397.80). Are you amazed? So I was when I discovered.

How Can You Do Just That?

If you already a blogger, you may have stumble on Godaddy,, BlueHost and the other web hosting and domain selling companies. If you haven't, trust me their prices will scare you off.
Go Dadday sells domains at $14.7 per annul, sells at $? and Blue Host at $?, go check them out.
There is one domain selling company that thinks about people who love to blog but in short of cash, 1and1. The company runs a first year plan of $0.99 for top level domain with a subsequent payment of $14.75.
Isn't that a fair deal? I think it is.
If you doubt that, search out for a cheaper plan. In case you find a better plan I will be interested.
You haven't ask how I got to pay $1.17? There is a general charges of $0.08 that you will have to pay on any site for buying a domain, that's what add up.
Cool, right? you be the judge.

There is a Problem:

Your domain doesn't equate a blog. You just only got the address where will your contents live? That's where mapping it comes in.
Before we talk on that, I think you should go and get your domain name now.

How To Register Your Domain on

By you being here I'll assume you are already a good web user and you can read English perfectly. Thus, I’ll only list the process you the simplest way for you to get it right. He we go:
  1. Visit through this link
  2. On the page, you'll find a search box asking you to input your desired domain.
  3. Input your desire address (e.g. and press the yellow button beside the search box.
  4. A new page will load telling you whether or not it is available.
  5. Below will be two options of "Just Buy Domain" and the later yellow box of "Continue with package". For your own good, simply click the " Just Buy Domain" box.
  6. A new page will appear. It will display your billing and say "Total due today" is "$1.17", " You save" "$14". Press the yellow " Continue " button.
  7. A new page will display asking to sign in or create an account (it's like opening a Facebook account). If you already has a 1and1 account, just sign in.
  8. If you don't, click on "create an account".
  9. Fill in your details. Make sure you use a very strong password. "Continue to the payment options" by clicking the yellow button at the bottom.
  10. Choose between PayPal and Credit Card payment.
  11. If you using credit card, when inputting your card number, make you it takes the necessary space like " 5545 3421 48764 0097". Don't write together like this "55453421487640097". Write it exactly as it is written on your card.
  12. Then click on pay.
  13. The rest are something you can manage yourself. The payment will be withdrawn from your account within three working days.
I think we have cover a lot today. Tomorrow, you will login to you dashboard and we will connect your domain to a free server. Till then, stay happy.

How You Can Actually Own A Dot Com Blog like This for Less Than $2.

Blogging is a great business, right? In case you don't know, it is. 

In fact, you can make a whole lot of money blogging. And the good news is: anyone can become a blogger in a minute or two. 

Yes! You can start a blog and earn a living with it.


The chance is that you won't start. Perhaps because you don't know how to.


It sucks to have a blog with some dot this dot that dot com. And having to live with an heap of terms and conditions that you may step upon in a minute and lost your blog contents in the next.

If you in the former category, luck you. You will learn a straight two new skills. If you are in the latter, you will learn how to have a top level domain blog (.com, .net, .co) for just $1.17.

Cheap, right? No!

Fact, $1.17 (#397) is a huge sum of money. As the United Nations avers, it is an amount greater than what 7 in 10 Nigerians live on daily. I think I agree with them.


You and I know so well that you can get that in a day or less. In fact, you spend thrice than that on things you never needed in a week.

So what am I saying?

I will share with you how I started this blog with just $1.17 and, perhaps, internet connection. This guide will be in series, but I will try to keep it as short as I can. Before we talk about how you can start a blog, let me give you few reasons I think you should blog.

 Why Blogging?

Here are ten good reasons anyone should start a blog today:

1. You learn new things.

If blogging will not do anything to you, at least you will learn how to blog. Starting a blog at first may seem hard, but you can learn it fast and know how to tweak it and get the best of it with few posts. You just keep learning once you start.

2. Getting feedback helps you grow. Blogging is sure for that.

As a writer, or any other artists, you seriously need a blog. Why? It is a big source of feedback for you works. Although be prepare to receive a bunch of heart shocking comments.

3. It throws you a challenges.

Seriously, the human nature prefers pleasure to pain, no one exempted. The body doesn't love the work. 

The law of inertia proves to be universal. All human fights it, including me.

That is where blogging stumbles in. It gives you a close attack. You'll feel prick whenever you are not posting. You'll always want to do more; research, create products and meet your audience expectations.

4. It is free (or quite affordable).

Yea. It is free. There are thousands of free blogging platforms out there. From the popular blogger, to WordPress, to Medium, the list is just endless. But you may decide to get a better treatment by buying your own domain or hosting one.

5. It can help you grow your business.

Do you know even top businesses fight around the web to gain crazy online presence. With the billions of people around the web, creating a top notch blog will surely help you build your offline or online businesses too.

Just tell your readers about what you do. If they like it, they start buying.

6. It can help you influence public policy.

What if you can make your government change their policy about gayism, child labour, rape and other trending issues? It is possible. Here's a testimony of a young girl that will wow you.

7. It disciplines you.

Do you want a leniently strict tutor?

Your blog can become that if you value it. Although starting a blog is easy, maintaining it is a very bone-cracking task.

Your blog can become your source of inspiration towards becoming a better discipline and all round person. You will always want to work hard and pull a larger audience.

8. It can get you freelance writing gigs.

Bamidele is a guru in this regard. His blog, Writers in Charge - formerly YoungPrepo has land him countless of writing gigs. Abdullahi's  has also earned him a buck of cash. Mine also do the same. It's a proven method.

Yours can do better!

9. It sharpens your observation.

Writing a blog gives you a keen eye that wants to see everything, and a smart brain that loves to know more. 

As Abdulahi avers:

Blogging challenges you to look beyond the obvious, to ask questions where everyone else simply nods, and to set the status quo on its headelps you acquire valuable new skills.

10. It boosts your creative mind.

If you are in any field of art, the best thing you can do to improve your creative self, in this era, is to start a blog. Blog your ideas, share it with readers. Your creativity is bound to boost the more.

In tomorrow's post, I'll be sharing exactly how to own a yourname (dot) com blog for exactly $1.17. 

If this resonated with you, help share to reach more people. Someone might become grateful to you forever.




I am Timmy Brain, web developer, blogger and writer. 

Born as Olajide Timilehin Abiodun, growing up to become Timmy Brain. A young and growing entrepreneur, web developer, author and public speaker from Nigeria.

Currently a student of Politics at the University of Ilorin (the better by far school).

 I love to learn, write and share with others.  

Isn't that good?