Nobel Carpets and Rugs is no doubt the best brand in the African market.

That is a promotional statement, right? No. I don't think so.

Having won the AQAA award in 2015, and being producer of the blissful rugs and carpets that make me dream paradise in my Uncle's house, I think I can say it in a billion times that the Nobel rugs and carpets are the best for Africans homes and offices - I haven't been to Europe and other continents, I would have claim it's the best in world.

What is the point? 

Of the numbers of companies in the same industry, only Nobel Carpets and Rugs counts bloggers as worthy men by lauching a "Write it, Blog it" contest that made me write this. Not only that, I have been a big fan of their product ever since I was a child.

That's a big lie, right? No. I don't invent that.

We don't use their product in my house and I'm not claiming that. We live in a fully tiled house. Moreover, my mother also detest rugs because she believes it doen't fit our kind of family - think about water and children, rug for a six children setting, truly it is no good.


I have a place I spend the whole of my weekends because I enjoy the smooth and soft rugs there. My uncle's house is no doubt decent, nice and comfortable. And I know the secret: it's the best set of designs and patterns of carpets and rugs that make the place colorful. He also use the same set of rugs in his office at Ikeja.

How did I know it's Nobel's? 

My uncle don't only use the same set of carpets and rugs in his office and home concidentally, he knows what product he wants. In fact, I've heard him recommending it for his friends, no sweetmouth effect.

My Conclusion. 

I don't care if I don't win the bloggers contest, but I care about reckoning the good standard of any product. Nobel Carpets and Rugs don't only suit homes and offices perfectly, they do a magical thing to them- they transform every home and office to somewhere decent and loveable. Apart for the attractiveness they create, they are of great qualities, moderately affordable and last longer than many other product. I think you should give it a try.

If you know more about this product, tell me in the comment box.


  1. I never thought Nobel Carpet are this great. I trust that Timmy will never recommend anything fallshort the standard. I'll get my hand on their product when next I visit the market to reform my internal decor.

  2. Wow! This article got me good. I only search the internet to know what brand of carpets and rugs rock the era. Timmy has convinced me with his factual write-up, now I know which product to go for when next I plan shopping for rugs.

  3. : "I really love this article because Timmy is precise about his stand. He doesn't overtly persuade us to buy Nobel Carpets so to win the contest, he only gives us why he think Nobel's product are the best. And sure, he is right about them, they are truly the best - they make my room an heaven."


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