Upcoming: My Little Way of Saying Thank You

Two bulbs and a paper plane
Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking the proper way to say thank you to all of you that read this crappy weird blog.
Sincerely I can't denial I love you deeply because only lovers stay while things are hard.
No doubt, my B.Sc programme is important to me at this stage of my life. Well, I can say I have lost the churn of the erstwhile burning interest. Just doing it for the certificate, no tripping anymore.
That aside, I have a pretty message for you.

Hi friend, You have a Message.

I am releasing my book "Rethink Blogging" for free download on this blog.

PowerPoint: Basic and Advanced for Free

I am tired of telling people why they should succeed, I'm ready to show them how I am succeeding.

Do you really want to learn?

Join me this Saturday (11th March, 2016) as I took you by the hand to teach you the basics and advance sides of PowerPoint presentation and how to land your first clients to pay you to design a presentation. All these for free.

Who is Timmy Brain to teach you?

He is an entrepreneur, web developer and blogger. He is the author of Rethink Blogging and CEO of FX MEDIA and FX Clothing. He is a student that feeds and clothes himself and even send money home. A nerd that knows nothing about fashion but makes money from the industry. He barely understands what "echo" means in PHP but has build wonderful websites for businesses that pays school fees.

Do you want to be like him?

If so. Join me this Saturday as I teach you to your first customer in PowerPoint presentations. You learn all the magic behind the slides. If you are really wondering does this worth your time. Consider this question: what if i have a skill that can earn the average of the #20,000 per week working only 2 hours? If you are the type that ask such question.

The PowerPoint training class may be of great help to achieving financial freedom while in school. In short, you will learn PowerPoint and get the power to point your customers to pay.

Don't try to miss it.

But be aware and schedule your next Saturday for the empowering gathering. Venue will be COA, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.