5 Reasons Why You Should Be An Entrepreneur

Not everybody will definitely start a business, but we can all add the suffix of "preneur" to whatever good we found ourselves doing.

It's not all about you quitting school, learning programming, starting a blog or investing in Berkeley Hathaway. The common denominator among entrepreneurs and top doers is the the ability to process issues and manage risks, see opportunities and give it a home run.

Entrepreneur primarily push themselves out to the the world. Relentlessly pushing that singular objective even in face of thunders. Think of Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Patrick Bet David, and other successful names that move this era.

These people are similar in two instance. One, they are currently rich, famous and impacting lives. Second, they have stories of struggles and hustle behind them and even at that they choose to remain as entrepreneurs.

So why should you consider being part of the big family. You may end up liking the track...

1. Don't Die A Chicken

I recently heard a story about an eagle egg found by a farmer by the road side. The farmer take the egg and hatch it among his hen and the eagle grow to become much like the hen. The eagle fly mere as the hen can. One day, the hen saw an eagle flying above and comments to the "fellow hen" what's that flying in the sky. Then an hen respond, that's an eagle -- the king of the air. Father of all other bird, the magnificent and all powerful eagle.

 Don't bother yourself, you can never fly like him. So the little eagle accepted and grow up to die as an hen unaware of his identity. If you probably don't wish to die as the hen. You got to learn to fly.

Look within yourself to see your entrepreneurship strengths. Chances are that you are loaded with many unique products the world is yet to experience. Killing all these potentials means doing as an hen while you should rend your wings in the sky and fly as the eagle that you are.

2. Save lives

This is perhaps one of the cogent reasons I choose to be and remain an entrepreneur. Think of job creation, philanthropy, technological development, innovation, etc. they all have entrepreneurs as the pioneers.

The job entrepreneurs create, bring opportunity for someone to feed his entire family and even pay for the bills of his dying mother on the sick bed.

Think of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the impact they have had on global affairs and saving lives

3. Do What You Love

Statistics shows that most heart attacks occur on Monday morning. Maybe this has any to the fact that 52.3% of workers surveyed in US claimed they hate the job they're currently doing. 

Of course majority of the world end up doing what they actually never loved. Do you wish to join in or stand out? The only way to career freedom is the entrepreneurs' path. 

Even if you've got a job you love dearly today, what's the chance it's going to remain the same way with new a boss. Why not be your own boss, or be a member of a partnership where you are a constant factor not a mere variable.

4. Live Your Dream Life

If you are like me, you'll probably like a month holiday in London beaches. Or three weeks travels to fascinating cities while working and giving instructions from my cell phones and Slack Board.

It's much of the life I want. Maybe yours is a little bit different, but we all want some degree of freedom which I bet your 9 - 5 would not afford you such a luxurious life.

Think about it for a second, if the job you are currently doing could afford you all you want maybe you will have quit this article from the title. So I may not be able to express your life desires here but I believe your life deserve a better offer.

Remember your childhood dreams, how many of them have you forgone to take the stand that they are too childish just because they will cost you your job or ruin a four month salary.

Though a call to entrepreneurship doesn't imply it's a smooth road up the path, but with dedication, consistency and the right mentor-ship you'll probably just there sooner than you expected.

Life Long Learning

Co-founder and Chief Technology Adviser of Microsoft, Bill Gates is know to be an avid reader in areas that interest him such as transforming systems: how nations can intelligently develop, how to lead an organization, and how social change can fruitfully happen.

If you are a simple minded individual like me that desire a life long learning, being an entrepreneur will help you attain that with ease and necessity.


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