Writing Services

Do you know that content is the fuel of all digital marketing campaigns?

Do you agree it is the sole factor that grab your site to the first page of Google in organic searches?

Do you know that even if you are into Google Adword ads or Socia Media PPC campaigns, you have to be directly involved in content creation or hire an expert at that?
That's where Timmy Brain steps in as a professional writer and certified Inbound Marketer.

Let consider your odds

Chances are that your schedules are stiff tight?

And, perhaps, as the CEO (founder or manager) of a billion dollar company, writing high quality persuasive content that ranks well in searches might be your rocket science.

The truth is, you can't meet the requirement.

As marketing research will have it said, 60% of marketers agree creating at least one piece of content each day to meet the marketing needs. (Source: eMarketer)

That's huge lot of contents meant to be generated rightfully by the specialists.

Shoot me mails or use the form on the contact page, and let us discuss where your content marketing efforts should head.

Here is what I promise:

  • well written high quality contents with focus on long tail keywords that rank well in searches
  • irresistible headlines that guarantee the highest possible click through ratio
  • Contents that delight prospects and covert them to customers
  • Contents that fit in with your long term marketing goals