12 Social Skills Make You Successful

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12 Social Skills Make You Successful

9th September 2018 Advices Relationship 1
12 Social Skills Make You Successful

I am sorry this is not about learning programming or selling.

By social skills I mean your ability to relate with others. Whether you are a corporate staff or a full flag entrepreneur, you need these skills.

You really want to have a workplace where you feel comfortable working with other. Having a great team is the dream of every single leader I know.

But its always seem people are naught. Or you can’t just get along with some people.

Complexities in Personalities

You are right.

There are many personality types. I am largely convince each and everyone one of us are wired by our experiences.

Psychologists tells us of the natural/biological traits and how we inherits habits from our parents.

Nonetheless, I am more concerned about how nurture account for people’s behavior.

Our experiences always differ. My parents are not yours. The values is bound to be different.

With these differences, working and living together becomes a big deal. 

You can’t just get some people to see things your way. You have got to learn some skills to make things work out.

Here are the twelve social skills you should pay attention to in your effort to get the best with your relationship with people.

#1. Learn Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another from their frame of reference.

If you won’t read further to other skills. Empathetic living is the most vital of all social skills.

Nobody cares about your goals. But we are care about our own desires.

To become success with people, you’ve got to fit yourself into their frame of thoughts and position your demands to suit their dreams.

#2. Lead All The Way Through

Leadership is not always about taking the front seat.

The role of a leader is far more than giving directives.  It is the ability to companion others to a cause making the first move.

Being a leader requires you to connecting the dot for others. You generally volunteer to take the greater risks.

Leaders often choose to eat last. You do things for the great good even when nobody watches to give credits.

It is the sought of skill that make the heart of people to be soft toward you.

#3. Master Speaking

Speak your way to success.

The moment you open you liberate yourself. You open the door for unlimited opportunities.

But opening your mouth to speak is not enough to attend success. You need to master the art of speaking effectively and less ambiguous.

The essence of speaking is to pass your idea to the other person. You necessarily need not to impress your listener.

Your goal should be singular. Clarity is all you should seek in your talks. Be ready to re-frame your last sentence to further iterate your concern.

Get a good book on public speaking and crucial conversation. It will help you develop your speaking ability.

#4. Listening

Like speaking, listening is a very great social skill you must master.

The best communicator master both their speaking and listening skills. Be ready to pay attention to all the details in a conversation.

In sales, the best listener gets the customer. 

You can only understand your customer so well only if you are ready to listen to their concerns, fears and objections.

#5. Acknowledge Others 

Recognize the role of others in the success attained.

Credit them for their great performance. Applaud them for their awards and recognitions.

If someone can sing better than you while not accept and acknowledge the reality. The move on to greater things!

You simply become better by serving others the recognitions they deserve. Similar hands will be stretch back to you.

#6. Master Intentional Giving

Being charitable  is truly cool.

However, intentional giving is not a sought of religious practice. It is a form of deliberate investment in people.

I am not here to enjoy bride and its brother!

Intentional giving is not necessarily a money gift. By giving, you don’t have to have an unmerited favor to attain.

You give to make others more open to helping you when the table turns around.

#7. A Big Heart of Gratitude

Thank everybody for the thinest of gift or service you receive.

Remember you are not entitled to the golden cup. So be grateful to those who serve you with one.

Learn to give thanks to every member of your team. Every single person that see through the writing and launching of your book.

All the media crew that make the Sunday service great on TV. The choir that practice so well to feed the church with lyrics.

Remember to thank to audience for showing up. The driver also deserve a praise for not drunk driving you.

Remember your wife is not a slave. She is there to relentlessly make your life a master piece (you owe her more than you can be grateful for!).

#8. Learn Humility Not Simplicity

Being humble is not a sought of cowardice.

Everybody has an ego to feed. You just have to know it is the enemy.

Don’t confuse simplicity with humility. It is two different things.

I have friends who live simple live but have a hip of ego to crumb down. Choosing to wear fashion know for the 1980 is the sought of humility I am talking about.

#9. Seek Restitution and Find It

Yes. Restitution is a skill. A killer one at that.

Only a few of us actually know how to build back broken relationship.

Most people who experience hardship in their life today lacks restitution. They simply find it hard to restore their previous wealth sources.

The keynote is, your network is your net worth!

Remember the relationship that lift you up. Restore the broken ones.

#10. Be Fluent in Your Body Language

In today tech world, programmers make millions writing computer language. So we are want to learn one of the computer languages.

We pay lesser attention to a language that is in greater demand than PHP, JAVA and Python.

Body language is the gestures and facial expressions that give meaning to your interaction with others.

As a script of well written PHP codes can yield a beautiful website that racks in millions per year, so is the right use of body language can give you similar result in your relationship with others.

#11. Team Spirit

Learn to work with others!

Many of us cannot withstand the present of others. We cannot accommodate people laughing while we are working.

People are only here to irritate you, right?

Clean the lie. You need team spirit.

People are not robot. Don’t expect anyone to follow rules dogmatically.

You have to master living with people. Accommodating others and sharing the tasks makes the work get done faster.

#12. Remain A Student

To be successful you have to learn to learn, unlearn and relearn!

It is only through constant learning anyone can attain heights in life. I am not of the opinion you need a college degree to succeed.

I am primarily concern with you learning the right stuffs and remaining a student of life.

You have to kind your mind constantly updated. It is essential for you to partake in meaningful conversations.

That way, you become a better contributor and a brain others can realize on for relevant information.

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