3 Basic Questions That Change Everything

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3 Basic Questions That Change Everything

15th September 2018 Uncategorised 0
Definitely shits happens. Exactly. It is only the bad shit but the good too. Either ways, there are 3 fundamental questions if asked can make you a unicorn in the sea of donkeys. The question instantly separate you from the crowd. They give you a better world view and more reasons to be grateful for your state. These questions are not my thoughts. I learned them listening to the motivational boss, Anthony Robbins. It has been a lens for me to look through my life. Without further ado, here are the questions.

What’s your focus?

What do you focus on? The good side or the downside? The limiting part or uplifting moments?

What Does It Mean To You?

The meanings you allude to  events and happening around you determine the emotional charges you pour out in response.

What are you going do?

Are you going to just sit and cry or fight back? Your action becomes your habit. Your habits becomes your personality. Your personality becomes your destiny.

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