3 Fundamental Truths Make An Entrepreneur

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3 Fundamental Truths Make An Entrepreneur

7th September 2018 Advices Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship 1

Becoming an entrepreneur is the new cool. 

You just have to become your own boss most financial freedom experts advise you. Definitely they are right.

But not all of us can be an entrepreneur. I can hear someone screaming you are wrong!

I am not blogging for your opinion. I am only expressing mine. 

Anyways I will explain what I mean by saying not all of us can be an entrepreneur.

The simple truth is: who get hired and work on the systems if all of us opens a shop on the altar of entrepreneurship.

Think about it before you argue against principle. It is not to tell you your entrepreneurial ambitions are pointless. I am only being plain with the truth.

All the same, I am interested in sharing the three fundamental truths that makes an entrepreneur. You can debate it!

100% Responsibility

Show me the man who is willing to take hundred percent responsibility for all his failures and successes and I will show you an entrepreneur.

It is that simple.

Are you ready not to throw blames around? Are you ready to not blame the weather, your background, your lack of education, your girlfriend, your family status and your credit score for your failures in life.

Taking 100% responsibility of our life is the hardest thing to do. It is much easier to blame the government and the corrupt leaders!

Entrepreneurs take charge. Take the blames and never spare the credits.

Nobody Owns You A Dime

Today, everyone of us feel entitled to some form of welfare, respect and accolades.

We believe the government must provide X, Y, and Z.

You even talk and walk as if the world is created because of you!

The truth: you are here as part of the world, nobody is here to serve your purpose. It must worth our time and effort.

Nobody is here to throw their resources at you. You have to pay the price to have it.

You are not entitled to any special privilege. Life is not a movie where the story centers around you.

It is a lie you are telling yourself, get that right!

Successful entrepreneurs understand this simple truth that is why they are never frustrated when they receive rejections.

We are clear on the truth, nobody owns you anything! You have to work your way to earn it.

Communication is Everything

If you cannot communicate effectively, learn it!

If you cannot learn communication, forget your entrepreneurial dreams. It is over before you start.

That’s the job of a PR Company right?

Sure. There is always a need for a PR Company or officer but who communicates the company’s culture to the PR Company.

Who answers the calls when the company is only have one staff which is going to be you.

Who build the team?

Team building requires constant communication and casting of vision.

Even if you are considering a co-founder or partner in business. You need to communicate his roles to him effectively.

So if you have a problem with communication, fix that first before you even sleep not to say you dream of being an entrepreneur.

You have come so far.

What is your take on the three fundamental truths of entrepreneurship. If you agree or disagree with any let me know in the comment box below.

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