5 Life Lessons Entrepreneurs Should Learn From Taxi Drivers

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5 Life Lessons Entrepreneurs Should Learn From Taxi Drivers

27th June 2017 Entrepreneurship 4

We can probably gain life lessons from everything and everyone around us. Much as typical risk-takers, shakers and movers of the time, it’s far more important for us to always reflect on the things we found in our lives.

It’s on these I reflect on the life of typical Nigerian Taxi drivers and how very much similar their lives were to an entrepreneur’s. Without further ado, here are the five things that connects and we can all learn from.

1. Shun Destination

Have a mission. Entrepreneur like cab drivers should not have a destination of their own. We should rather be on a mission.

Destination gets us limited to figures and being number one, which is perhaps an unreasonable pursuits. For instance, if all you want is to be number one in your space, you should ask yourself in what sense?

Do you mean being number one firm with the largest employees or with the most innovative products? Or being number one company with the largest revenue? The pursuits of a destination is rather blind and selfish.

A cab driver will only set forth at dawn to fulfill the day mission, which is to safely transport others from one place to another. He never know where it’ll all end, he simply enjoys the ride. That much is how life become more memorable to live.

If all you set for yourself as an entrepreneur is to attain a certain figure with many zeros in dollars, then it’ll all be a hard road up the street. Let all that’s moving you be about the work, the journey, and the fruit of it just right enough to do more else you’ll be much stuck in and never have a cause to appreciate your life and things you already attained.

Think about it. What if you attain your set figures tomorrow, will you quit being on the high side of life. Will you stop being an entrepreneur or what?

If it’s about a vision, then you could easily carry many other visionary that share the same values with you along. But when it’s a destination you want, it’s all about you and of course, no one should care.

2. Know your limited space

Every Cab you’ve probably board has the max occupation of seven passengers and when it’s all about comfort and smooth ride it takes the max of four.

A Taxi drivers knows his math and will not stop to pick one more passenger when his cab is already filled.

Warren Buffet has a famous statement about knowing your circle of competence. Although Buffet is a close friend of Bill Gate, he never invests in Microsoft because he doesn’t understand how the techy world runs.

As young entrepreneurs trying out. It’s not a crime to try your hands at many of a craft, but whenever you decided on holding onto one or more don’t overdo yourself. Be ready to admit your circle of competence as the most successful investor of all time also do.

It may be quite appealing for you to want to try many trade, but keeping it short and simple — brevity — is a good virtue. Don’t rush around markets, remember you are doing all these not because of the money or other destination goods.

If you truly love the customers you want to serve, you’ll probably stick with what you know best and can help them with.

3. It’s all about them not You

Like the taxi driver you took to school, work or home, you’re on a mission of helping others achieve their dreams through yours.

So primarily it’s never about you. It’s just about them. The people you call on-board, your passengers.

Your customers, investors, business partners, and workers are those you are have called on board and stuck into a car. That’s why driving them to your destination is wrong.

Your success comes by they achieving their dreams through yours. As leaders and entrepreneurs we are to lead to the team to success and make as each member stay fulfilled.

4. Don’t loose face when they dropped, it’s never personal.

Okay, maybe the last time you board a car, you said you are going to the last bus stop. Well, it may be your destination for that day, what about the driver?

The replicate of that in business is when a team member you love so much drops a resignation letter on your table one early Monday morning. Or a friend that has shares in your business says he is backing out. You should expect that much, you do it for taxi drivers everyday.

The journey may be smooth now but what about the next two years or four or when a business whirlwind comes around. You’ll loose many of your team members, but don’t ever take it too hard on yourself. It’s never personal.

5. When it all ends, what next?

Then the driver turns around, back to where he starts. The journey of an entrepreneur is never ending. That’s why a static destinations are not what you should opt for.

It’s always what next. Taking up new projects. Even while taking up new pursuits, remember the last is unfinished. That’s why your goals should be too big for you and your team to attain.

Aim at the moon and don’t expect to fall among stars. There’s no falling. You simply start following when you quit. Once you are on the track, you are limitless.

What have you learned in this article. Please comment below to inspire others.

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  1. Hey timmy i must confess your essay here is awesome. I am off to twitter land and medium kingdom to share the epistle of timmy on entrepreneurship.

  2. Timmy Brain says:

    Thanks Joshua,

    I hope you find the piece educative and inspiring…

  3. Great article here. I am strongly inspired.

    Thanks Timmy.

  4. Oyun kayode says:

    the writeups are just too heavy to swallow at once, it like a mossel you cut in bits to get the best out of it.you are growing into a great prolific writer brain.

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