the serial entrepreneur

I am Timmy Brain, serial entrepreneur, investor, and Marketer.


What keeping you on this page?

That’s all…

Oh! You like my smiling face.

Maybe because I love the people I am meeting these days..and, of course, I love being able to secure them richly visible web presence.

I love the fact that they pay me so well with unlimited bonuses.

Like topping my phone credit balance…and subscribing to my advance programs.

Sound Good, right?

Well, it wasn’t always like that. Not until I realized Content is not King, but customers are.

Partner with me, trust me with your marketing to experience what it feels like to be treated as the King that you are.

With me, be sure you’ll hit your Business Goals in no time, with less stress, and you, of course, scale above the sky limits you set from the start.

Now, navigate to the contact page and let us get started!

Hey… I don’t like to get you worked up either!

Here is my email info@timmybrain.com, hit it to mail me right away…

I reply within a day, just within 24hrs. (I’m one lazy guy, don’t boo yet.)

You can also get on the phone with me. Either via WhatsApp or Voice Call, you can reach on on 08119933754.