Against The New Myths of Entrepreneurship

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Against The New Myths of Entrepreneurship

23rd May 2018 business Entrepreneurship myths 0

The world is truly changing and we all have to respond to this.

Definitely the way to go is being an entrepreneur — having the heart for risk taking and management.

But it seems Entrepreneurship is starting to get new coloration largely from the so-called ‘business consultants’ and ‘experts’ out there.

An undeniable new wave of misleading thoughts going through the attention demands notes from true entrepreneurs making the grind and change the world in their little way.

Whether I am qualify to define entrepreneurship or not, I definitely could identify what entrepreneurship is not.

Here are a few myths that may kill your entrepreneur pursuit. Knowing them we help you keep them as what they are, MYTHS.

#1. Selling Goods/Services Makes You An Entrepreneur

No. It is far from that. The mere fact that you are selling a service or product doesn’t make you an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is contextual. The definition lean towards a risky pursuit of a better way or perfect solution to pressing problems, futuristic or common, that can be monetize and grow into a large corporate for greater participation.

#2. Every Programmer is an Entrepreneur

Another heresy.

How many programmers make it big as Bill Gates.

In fact, some billionaires that dominates in tech has little to no knowledge of coding.

From Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos, to Alibaba Group pioneer, Jack Ma programming is totally out of the equation.

One thing to commend these guys for is the relentless pursuit of great technologies to attain business success and solve real life marketable problems.

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