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There are ten things I studied people who have little knowledge about blogging thinks about the art. These ten myths or out-of-point assumptions on my list are objects of empirical research which may not hold in every setting. However, as far as I know, every single one holds in Nigeria.  10 MYTHS OF BLOGGING #1.…
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26th July 2016 2

Exactly How I Started A $1.17 Dot Com Blog.

For now, I think this is the cheapest blog anyone can own. A $1.17 (#397.80) blog is no doubt a cheap blog. The good news is: it can perform every function the big blog possess if you know how to tweak your way around it. Blogging is a great business, no doubt. It is a…
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21st July 2016 0

How You Can Actually Own A Dot Com Blog like This for Less Than $2.

Blogging is a great business, right? In case you don’t know, it is.  In fact, you can make a whole lot of money blogging. And the good news is: anyone can become a blogger in a minute or two.  Yes! You can start a blog and earn a living with it. But… The chance is…
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20th July 2016 1


I am Timmy Brain, web developer, blogger and writer.  Born as Olajide Timilehin Abiodun, growing up to become Timmy Brain. A young and growing entrepreneur, web developer, author and public speaker from Nigeria. Currently a student of Politics at the University of Ilorin (the better by far school).  I love to learn, write and share…
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19th July 2016 3