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Honestly, I am Hiring!

Hey Friend, I am hiring content writers and bloggers who are entrepreneurial in spirit and not interested in receiving salary or any payment whatsoever. Message me in case you are willing to exchange your service for business mentor-ship and personal development. Please, don’t even message if you are really broke and hoping I will place…
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13th March 2019 0

Confirmation Bias

You wake up one day to conclude the sky is blue. Straight to Google you searched “Is the sky blue?”. That’s the beginning of confirmation bias. You really want to validate what you already believed to be true (that the sky is blue). People are ready to believe a lie because they want it to…
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13th January 2019 0

Rethinking Content

Let’s reason from another len.

2nd January 2019 0

There is Nothing like Online Customer

Everybody is looking for help.

28th October 2018 0

In Case You Are Expecting Me At Service

My goal is to help businesses scale and beat the best in the market.

25th October 2018 0

How PHP Disrupts the Web Development Market

You can hear a large part of the web development community screaming PHP sucks.

19th October 2018 0
Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Any man that values money than his time already have limits to his success.

9th October 2018 0

Don’t Be A Fool

Your plan sucks.

25th September 2018 0

3 Basic Questions That Change Everything

Definitely shits happens.

15th September 2018 0

I Can’t Be More Honest Than This!

Invest more in your growth, the rest is crab.

14th September 2018 0