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3 Basic Questions That Change Everything

Definitely shits happens.

15th September 2018 0

I Can’t Be More Honest Than This!

Invest more in your growth, the rest is crab.

14th September 2018 0

Ideas Are Too Cheap To Bank On

I am more than convinced you are digging your grave of failure when all you’ve got are ideas (brand new!)

13th September 2018 0

How Real is Reality?

It’s all start from you and how you see it.

12th September 2018 0

This One Thing Will Ruin You

Is there a single thing that can ruin anybody in life?

11th September 2018 0

You Only Have To Be Right This Once

Taking risk is no colourful deal

10th September 2018 0
12 Social Skills Make You Successful

12 Social Skills Make You Successful

I am sorry this is not about learning programming or selling. By social skills I mean your ability to relate with others. Whether you are a corporate staff or a full flag entrepreneur, you need these skills. You really want to have a workplace where you feel comfortable working with other. Having a great team…
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9th September 2018 1
Find Your Golden Ratio

Find Your Golden Ratio

Solve for X. Discover how you trend is the advice I have for myself today. I am sure I am not being mystical. Perhaps I am unto a kind of psychological bias or some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. But I am convince that there is a pattern that spreads through our life. I strongly believe…
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8th September 2018 0

3 Fundamental Truths Make An Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is the new cool.  You just have to become your own boss most financial freedom experts advise you. Definitely they are right. But not all of us can be an entrepreneur. I can hear someone screaming you are wrong! I am not blogging for your opinion. I am only expressing mine.  Anyways…
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7th September 2018 1

The World is NOT against You, Mr. Salesman

To become successful in sales you have to grow beyond your emotions. You have to understand a fundamental truth, people will reject you no matter the level of your expertise. Suspects will appear as prospects. People will block you from chatting with them. I will pay next week becomes a 4 months hide-and-seek game. You…
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6th September 2018 0