Blogging: Why I Move To WordPress

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Blogging: Why I Move To WordPress

6th September 2018 Blog right 0

I started this blog as a personal inquiry into what in the world of blogging.

I simply want to learn and understand the dimension for traffic. What is traffic-worthy? What type of content go viral? And even discover what the questions I haven’t know requires an answer.

This is the third time I am paying for this domain. 

For the first two years, I have been playing safe working with the free hosting provided by blogger. Definitely, it was fun all the way!

I choose to post lengthy stuffs and even post incomplete articles.

After all, nobody is paying for my domain and I really don’t expect anyone to read all the trash in my head that I consistently pour down here.

Well, we all have good dreams. Same here. I hope these trash goes viral one day. Exactly, I know it is a wishful dream in a world of clutter and regular update of Google algorithms.

To the point of this post, I move to self-hosted WordPress to create a synergy for my craving for ease of posting my thoughts.

Blogger is somewhat a pain in the ass. It is really is. 

You often get frustrated by the interface and the little to know chance of making your blog exactly how you want.

WordPress has all the batteries included. Customization is just within your arms here.

So I left blogger for the good. Although, moving over to WordPress signal higher cost of maintaining this my hobby year in year out.

Anyways, thank my head I am web developer paying for hosting and domain on a year based should not be a huge burden.

In case, I am not the one rereading this piece. Thanks for reading…

This blog is both for serious and the less than serious thoughts of a serial entrepreneur known as Timmy Brain…

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