Blogging: Why I Move To WordPress

I started this blog as a personal inquiry into what in the world of blogging. I simply want to learn and understand the dimension for traffic. What is traffic-worthy? What type of content go viral? And even discover what the questions I haven’t know requires an answer. This is the third time I am paying

How to Start A Blog That Works in Nigeria

It is everywhere and the dailies also help popularize the story. Nigerian female blogger, Linda Ikeji is rich. She makes millions from her dear blog. Sure, it’s appealing. It appears blogging is the long sought path to richness. How do I start a Nigerian blog that will make huge sum like hers? That sounds like


There are ten things I studied people who have little knowledge about blogging thinks about the art. These ten myths or out-of-point assumptions on my list are objects of empirical research which may not hold in every setting. However, as far as I know, every single one holds in Nigeria.  10 MYTHS OF BLOGGING #1.