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the serial entrepreneur

Blogging: Why I Move To WordPress

I started this blog as a personal inquiry into what in the world of blogging. I simply want to learn and understand the dimension for traffic. What is traffic-worthy? What type of content go viral? And even discover what the questions I haven’t know requires an answer. This is the third time I am paying…
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6th September 2018 0
Self Hosted Website

Own A Self-Hosted Professionally Designed .COM Blog for #20,000

There is no limit to what you can attain blogging. I learned about the idea of blogging in 2014. By then, I only know of a friend who is doing it partially posting is long political essays to impress himself. At first, the idea do not look so fascinating to me. I thought it is…
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26th June 2018 2

How to Start A Blog That Works in Nigeria

It is everywhere and the dailies also help popularize the story. Nigerian female blogger, Linda Ikeji is rich. She makes millions from her dear blog. Sure, it’s appealing. It appears blogging is the long sought path to richness. How do I start a Nigerian blog that will make huge sum like hers? That sounds like…
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21st May 2017 4

How to Setup Custom Domain in Blogger

There are many free server you can connect your domain with. However I’ll suggest you use because it’s the simplest and easiest to configure. I would have suggest WordPress but the cost of mapping it worth 10X the amount we secure your domain, they map at $13. Crazy, isn’t?  I think so. When…
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24th September 2016 3


There are ten things I studied people who have little knowledge about blogging thinks about the art. These ten myths or out-of-point assumptions on my list are objects of empirical research which may not hold in every setting. However, as far as I know, every single one holds in Nigeria.  10 MYTHS OF BLOGGING #1.…
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26th July 2016 2

Exactly How I Started A $1.17 Dot Com Blog.

For now, I think this is the cheapest blog anyone can own. A $1.17 (#397.80) blog is no doubt a cheap blog. The good news is: it can perform every function the big blog possess if you know how to tweak your way around it. Blogging is a great business, no doubt. It is a…
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21st July 2016 0

How You Can Actually Own A Dot Com Blog like This for Less Than $2.

Blogging is a great business, right? In case you don’t know, it is.  In fact, you can make a whole lot of money blogging. And the good news is: anyone can become a blogger in a minute or two.  Yes! You can start a blog and earn a living with it. But… The chance is…
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20th July 2016 1