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the serial entrepreneur

10 Things I Learned in My First Year in Business

On August 4, 2016 I bought my first domain for a customer. The first time I am working on a project outside my own. That day marks the birth of my web design business – FutureX Media. Yesterday, we account for our one year in business, and we are happy to have landed a huge…
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9th August 2017 1

5 Reasons Why You Should Be An Entrepreneur

Not all of us will definitely start a business, but we can all add the suffix of “preneur” to whatever good we found ourselves doing. It’s not all about quitting school, learning programming, starting a blog or investing in Berkeley Hathaway. The common denominator among entrepreneurs and top doers is the ability to process issues,…
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3rd July 2017 8

The World is Corrupt and The Role of Entrepreneur

Clearly the world is going quite out of what we know to be moral. New close-to-naked dressing styles, crazy hairdo, scary careers, and shocking life decisions in sexuality and life partners has somewhat become the norm and much of which bare least concern in the mind of the public. Well, religious leaders never seized preaching…
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29th June 2017 3

5 Life Lessons Entrepreneurs Should Learn From Taxi Drivers

We can probably gain life lessons from everything and everyone around us. Much as typical risk-takers, shakers and movers of the time, it’s far more important for us to always reflect on the things we found in our lives. It’s on these I reflect on the life of typical Nigerian Taxi drivers and how very…
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27th June 2017 4

The Pain of Taking Giant Leap

I have now come to the agreement that the only thing that differentiates an entrepreneur from mere mortals is the ability to take risk coupled with the heart to manage the outcome of such quantum leaps. By and large, I’m proud to be an entrepreneur. It’s never ever been a smooth journey even for a…
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23rd June 2017 0

Leadership in Business: The Start-Up CEO

The glue that holds business together is leadership. The prowess you carry as a leader truly matters on how you will be able to manage your team. Simon Sinek often hammer the need to reinforce your why and stand by your core values. Well, a bunch of my entrepreneur friends complain about my whole perspective…
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22nd June 2017 0