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2nd January 2019 0

The World is NOT against You, Mr. Salesman

To become successful in sales you have to grow beyond your emotions. You have to understand a fundamental truth, people will reject you no matter the level of your expertise. Suspects will appear as prospects. People will block you from chatting with them. I will pay next week becomes a 4 months hide-and-seek game. You…
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6th September 2018 0

The Subtle Art of Being A Purple Cow

Seth Godin is the popular father of permission marketing. His book Purple Cow receive massive following and his idea are widely acknowledge He challenge all creators and marketers to be remarkable — worthy of remarking about. In Contagious, Jonah Berger with the STEPPS acronyms, explains the elements that makes things catch on. Social Currency Triggers…
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2nd February 2018 0