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I Can’t Be More Honest Than This!

Invest more in your growth, the rest is crab.

14th September 2018 0

How Real is Reality?

It’s all start from you and how you see it.

12th September 2018 0

You Only Have To Be Right This Once

Taking risk is no colourful deal

10th September 2018 0
Find Your Golden Ratio

Find Your Golden Ratio

Solve for X. Discover how you trend is the advice I have for myself today. I am sure I am not being mystical. Perhaps I am unto a kind of psychological bias or some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. But I am convince that there is a pattern that spreads through our life. I strongly believe…
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8th September 2018 0

Murder Your Fears

Two months ago, I was in Osun State to bury my grandmother from the mother side. She was a wonderful woman. Clearly, a decent entrepreneur with wit and discipline. My experience living with her as a young lad in elementary school give me the basic foundation that become the building block of how I construct…
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23rd September 2017 3