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How Real is Reality?

It’s all start from you and how you see it.

12th September 2018 0

The World is NOT against You, Mr. Salesman

To become successful in sales you have to grow beyond your emotions. You have to understand a fundamental truth, people will reject you no matter the level of your expertise. Suspects will appear as prospects. People will block you from chatting with them. I will pay next week becomes a 4 months hide-and-seek game. You…
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6th September 2018 0

Against The New Myths of Entrepreneurship

The world is truly changing and we all have to respond to this. Definitely the way to go is being an entrepreneur — having the heart for risk taking and management. But it seems Entrepreneurship is starting to get new coloration largely from the so-called ‘business consultants’ and ‘experts’ out there. An undeniable new wave…
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23rd May 2018 0

5 Business Myths StartUp Entreprenuer Should Never Believe!

Business Myths We have been experiencing growth at FutureX Media. With range of newly developed products, innovative campaigns that yield results, growing numbers of devoted customers, and in other areas. What I however observed is that these increases are not born of new influx to the business, they are primarily fruits of eliminating and reducing…
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19th November 2017 4