Exactly How I Started A $1.17 Dot Com Blog.

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Exactly How I Started A $1.17 Dot Com Blog.

21st July 2016 Blog right 0
For now, I think this is the cheapest blog anyone can own. A $1.17 (#397.80) blog is no doubt a cheap blog. The good news is: it can perform every function the big blog possess if you know how to tweak your way around it.

Blogging is a great business, no doubt. It is a great adventure that also help one grow all round. It boosts your confidence and creativity.
I think blogging is a worthy quest for all. But there are many buts that is holding many back from blogging. Of this myriads of reasons I’ve found two to be the most pressing:

  1. I don’t know how to blog
  2. I know how to blog, but it free platforms doesn’t catch people’s eyes.
  3. The dot com blog is expensive.

Okay. Truth be said, I have been in this abyss of confusion about the blogosphere. It’s really tiresome at first. This guide will take you off the hook, and make you a blogger in the next minute.

Three Ways To Own A Blog.

Reading around the web has teach me three ways to own a blog. This three ways are blogs of different levels or class. First:

The Free Blog.

You can own a free blog in the next one minute. The popular blogs you see around like Linda’s, Myaceworld, Gifted Pens on Medium are all free blogs.
You can start yours by having an email or twitter account. For Medium, you can connect with your Facebook, Twitter or Email. While Tumblr, Blogspot, WordPress,, and require only your email address.
Note: For blogspot you must have a gmail account.
The flaw in this type of blog is the limitations imposed by the server company. They are lot of terms and conditions. If you are not yet convinced and want to try them out, go read it now.

Host an Account:

This is virtually the opposite of the free blogs. To host an account means to have a place on the web. It is the best thing you can get. But what? It’s expensive.
I host my other blog for $47 a year, even while I escape many important services that will help my blog grow faster.
It’s costly, and I don’t think you are reading this post to make sure huge investment now.

Map Your Domain.

The third way to own a blog is to map a domain with existing servers.

What’s a domain?

Your domain is your address online, it’s location of your site (for this blog, my domain name is: https://www.timmybrain.com). It’s freely given to you when you use the free platforms ( e.g. https://authorsincharge.blogspot.com). But the free ones will recite the server domain and your name become the sub-domain. (Eg. Authorsincharge (sub-domain). Blogspot.com {domain}).
However, you too can own a domain (yourname.com) for just $1.17(#397.80). Are you amazed? So I was when I discovered.

How Can You Do Just That?

If you already a blogger, you may have stumble on Godaddy, Name.com, BlueHost and the other web hosting and domain selling companies. If you haven’t, trust me their prices will scare you off.
Go Dadday sells domains at $14.7 per annul, Name.com sells at $? and Blue Host at $?, go check them out.
There is one domain selling company that thinks about people who love to blog but in short of cash, 1and1. The company runs a first year plan of $0.99 for top level domain with a subsequent payment of $14.75.
Isn’t that a fair deal? I think it is.
If you doubt that, search out for a cheaper plan. In case you find a better plan I will be interested.
You haven’t ask how I got to pay $1.17? There is a general charges of $0.08 that you will have to pay on any site for buying a domain, that’s what add up.
Cool, right? you be the judge.

There is a Problem:

Your domain doesn’t equate a blog. You just only got the address where will your contents live? That’s where mapping it comes in.
Before we talk on that, I think you should go and get your domain name now.

How To Register Your Domain on 1and1.com?

By you being here I’ll assume you are already a good web user and you can read English perfectly. Thus, I’ll only list the process you the simplest way for you to get it right. He we go:

  1. Visit 1and1.com through this link
  2. On the page, you’ll find a search box asking you to input your desired domain.
  3. Input your desire address (e.g. Timmybrain.com) and press the yellow button beside the search box.
  4. A new page will load telling you whether or not it is available.
  5. Below will be two options of “Just Buy Domain” and the later yellow box of “Continue with package”. For your own good, simply click the ” Just Buy Domain” box.
  6. A new page will appear. It will display your billing and say “Total due today” is “$1.17″, ” You save” “$14″. Press the yellow ” Continue ” button.
  7. A new page will display asking to sign in or create an account (it’s like opening a Facebook account). If you already has a 1and1 account, just sign in.
  8. If you don’t, click on “create an account”.
  9. Fill in your details. Make sure you use a very strong password. “Continue to the payment options” by clicking the yellow button at the bottom.
  10. Choose between PayPal and Credit Card payment.
  11. If you using credit card, when inputting your card number, make you it takes the necessary space like ” 5545 3421 48764 0097″. Don’t write together like this “55453421487640097”. Write it exactly as it is written on your card.
  12. Then click on pay.
  13. The rest are something you can manage yourself. The payment will be withdrawn from your account within three working days.

I think we have cover a lot today. Tomorrow, you will login to you dashboard and we will connect your domain to a free server. Till then, stay happy.

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