Find Your Golden Ratio

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Find Your Golden Ratio

8th September 2018 Advices Entrepreneurs Motivation 0
Find Your Golden Ratio

Solve for X.

Discover how you trend is the advice I have for myself today. I am sure I am not being mystical.

Perhaps I am unto a kind of psychological bias or some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. But I am convince that there is a pattern that spreads through our life.

I strongly believe there is a mathematical number that pollute how things happens in our lives. The golden ratio is 1.618 but the number may be another thing for you.

What Am I Actually Saying?

You have to figure out how things work for you.

If you convert only 1 of 5 prospects you pitched build on that to generate the 100 customers your business needs to thrive.

What if you noticed you are best as a co-founder or even a vice president rather than the sole founder or president of an organization. Stick to that game and make the best of it!

To me, collaboration and co-founding is the ultimate golden ration for the tech investor, Peter Thiel, who not only co-founded PayPal but also co-author his popular book Zero to One. And much of his other ventures are neither single man mission.

How things work for you is your golden ratio.

You don’t always get the girl at your first shoot why are you making a big deal of it. You know she agrees on your third effort.

Relax. That’s how you trend.

What You Have To Do From Now On

Study how you trend.

Knowing the math liberate you. It gets you over the emphasis mine effect.

You become least attached emotionally to situation. You will definitely be aware of how things primarily work for your favor.

It is that simple.

That’s the way to success. Find the key that open inner engineering.

Be open and don’t make it a self-fulfilling prophecy of the wrong kind.

Your golden ratio should always propel you to good fate, not otherwise.

You have anything to say about it, tell me in the comment box!

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