FutureX Media and The Future of A Digitalized Africa

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FutureX Media and The Future of A Digitalized Africa

1st May 2018 Announcement Entrepreneurs Startups 0

The right information brings knowledge. And knowledge is power. Sharing it is empowerment. — Seth Godin


Africa is our mother land and the growth of the continent is our utmost concern. The large portion of our youth, however, focuses on attaining greatness by running away from her.

There is no other way to explain this phenomenon than to examine the relationship that presently exist between Africans and their financial capacity. After all, Africans are looking for overseas opportunities because of greener pastures.

Many estimates and reports lauds Africa with high poverty, diseases and living below the standard. Perhaps, it is another set of lies to psychologically keep the continent under colonialism.

But I beg to defer that the situation is far beyond those political, ethnic and racial configurations. It is a mix of what I come to call universal knowledge bias and unproductive lifestyle.

Generally, all developed countries of the world attributes their growth to the entrepreneurial spirit their society was able to surmount. And, of course, the ability for startup to grow above and beyond board even to dominate in other countries.

But welcome to Africa where after 4 years that you are away to the university, the woman down your street that sells fish still retains the junction, but now with a dilapidated kiosk, deteriorating stools and rusting cooking utensils. Her supply capacity is roughly at the same level or even less than you used to know.

Our dear continent where the majority of people manage through life and business. Where opportunities to scale and conquer greater space and industry elude us everyday. Our companies rarely feature on the Forbes list.

Definitely, we are hardworking and it is true lazy is not the right word to capture our lifestyle. The better word is complacency.

Our Mission

FutureX Media sought to eliminate the generational cause of complacency that daily drains African businesses and we are starting by digitalising.

Our Presumptions

Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. The arguments that follows are backed by universally accessible data.

Amazon is rated the largest store on Earth. With over $130 billion in assets and over $177 billion in revenue only in 2017.

Alibaba Group is another multinational internet business from China serving a wide range of market powered by information technologies. Its revenue in 2017 fly well pass $23 billion with total assets of $72.28 billion.

Facebook is by far the largest country if judged as one. The social media platform only served as the wealth source of more than 4 billionaires on the Forbes 100 list. Its revenue in 2017 is a gross of $40.65 billion with total assets of $84.25 billion.

Undoubtedly, the businesses evaluated above are popular brands you know of and patronized. Unfortunately, there are some parts of the picture you might not be aware of.

Foremost, all these conglomerates are once start-ups. They are once dorm room businesses no one believed will workout great.

However, in the absence of complacency, they all make it to the limelight and spread to other nations of the world grossing billions of dollars yearly and expanding their domains.

At this point, FutureX Media is a digital empowerment company that see Africa as a potential powerhouse with minds capable of dominating in media, technology, and marketing (which is fundamental to all).

We realized the problem of Africa is universal knowledge bias — inaccessibility​ to detailed, structured and understandable context of a subject. We know about media, marketing and technology, we simply don’t know where, when and the right mix to use.

We always talk about growth, change and development but don’t have a clear guide to implementation. We just start, hardworking, and hope things will workout however hope is not a strategy.

As one of my oft-quoted sentence goes, a website is not an accessories to acquire when you are BIG, it is a necessary tool to become BIG. But, how many African businesses have understood this sequence.

Our Vision

We are on to digitalising all of Africa businesses, corporations and organisations.

By 2025, we look forward to have digitalised a million African business.

Let’s Build The Future Together

We look forward to accelerating business growth in Africa through the power of digitalisation.

Amazon became a great brand to reckon with primarily because the business model rests largely online. Digital business proves more scalable than the physical counterparts.

While popular American mall like Bestbuy cease to exist after the dot com boom, Walmart thrive by embracing digitization.

With the information technologies like blogs, websites, podcasts, video sharing, and cloud computing reaching a large audience become far more easier and 100 percent attainable.

Most importantly, digitalisation gives the decision-making power to the consumer. You have the power to stick to brands that does it better.

At FutureX Media, we train and provide the right digital tools for African businesses that sought to scale. We provide e-commerce solutions, websites, blogs, artificial intelligence, cloud services, mobile applications and digital marketing.

Joining The Future Experiencers

You can join this tech startup to help share the future of Africans.

We are looking forward to recruitment and training open-minded individuals with entrepreneurial spirit that believes in this vision.

We are interested in:

Sales Leaders

Anybody can sell, and we all do here.

We believe in the rule of 250 which states that everyone is attached to atleast 250 people. Hence, focusing on your network we believe you can reach those whose business requires digitalisation at different levels and make money selling them on it.

Whether it’s a website, blog, software or mobile application most businesses in Africa are already ripe to embrace these digital tools to ensure scaling. Now, it is your job to get them to know and sell it to them.

Definitely you will need the skills of pitching, marketing (both digital and traditional), public relations, selling, cold-calling, emphatic communication, negotiating and closing which are all skills we regularly train our team on.

Training: free
Period: regularly


We are definitely not interested in coders. We want great mind with fairly good programming background who can solve problems.

If you are only an enthusiast who want to learn coding, FutureX Media is ready to train and recruit you.

Training:  paid
Period : 3 – 6 months

Content Creators

Whether you are on to graphics design, audio recording and editing, content writing or video creation.

Great website and applications always require all of these arts and we are ready to train and recruit you.

Training:  paid
Period : 3 months

Digital Enthusiast

If you are a type that find fun in staying with your gadgets all day running on data. We are glad to announce that you might be qualified to manage social media accounts, regularly updated websites and pull traffic around the web.

All these have its technical areas but we are ready to give you practical training on how to do it right.

Training:  paid
Period : 3 – 6 months

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