How PHP Disrupts the Web Development Market

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How PHP Disrupts the Web Development Market

19th October 2018 Advices PHP 0

PHP is a great programming language like any other of his dynamically typed brothers.

However, you can see the hate posters everywhere. You can hear a large part of the web development community screaming PHP sucks. It is such a horrible language they claim.

But how true are these claims?

Is it a kind of threat that makes the noise so loud?

At first, I was definitely curious and worried I had learned the wrong language. The look on my peers is sarcastic and you feel how many split they have on my face already (well in their minds, not physically).

So I started looking around, reading all Quora answers by experts on the thousands of is PHP truly a bad language questions to the point I am so overwhelmed may it’s the only question that exists in the world for PHP developers to ask.

Then it done on me today while a read a Quora answer that gives a more psychological look at the case. The author highlight four of such factors responsible for the widespread notion about the language.

  1. Easy to Learn
  2. Easy to Code
  3. Easy to Master
  4. Close relationship with mySQL
  5. Cheap to deploy

Ultimately, these factors no doubt contribute to the fact that 80% of the world is powered by the same language.

Well all the above factor seem like a good stuffs from a PHP developer perspective. But looking through these features through another worthy lens of the millions of developer whose first, primarily and darling language is JAVA, Python or even Ruby, those are evil features.

All ventures profits from restrictions to market because its secure larger share of the stakes. Definitely, you will have to pay a JAVA developer $1,000 to help come up with a website and then you find your way to AWS where your pay your final charges.

However, with a $100 WordPress site you can get all you want from a PHP developer that could write plugins and themes for the CMS.

So am I saying all these fights are about the money?

Yes, but there are others.

You have been coding for 5 years as a JAVA developer and a young PHP developer with 1 year experience finishes a web application project even before you set up your work environment.

It is truly a ridiculous experience, so every single person on the other side of the spectrum wants to question the sustainability of such language. They question the security, speed and efficiency.

They are all out to find a fault, sure they did but their error reporting tell a story about other languages too.

No language is perfect, including the Go by the all-knowing Google.


Stop looking for excuses against any programming language, not only PHP.

Truthfully, PHP disrupts the market. It is easy to learn so you too can learn it.

If there’s a need to make money on the site while waiting for the big JAVA, Node and Go projects PHP would probably be your best allay even those Python and Ruby — only a few small businesses can afford hosting for those guys!

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