How Real is Reality?

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How Real is Reality?

12th September 2018 Advices Motivation myths 0

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Albert Einstein

Taking on a big challenge always attract cynic criticisms from both peers and the rest who claim to love us.

For the most part, these people have their good intentions. They simply want the best for you.

They care about you. They want you safe.

When it is a matter of entrepreneurial pursuits, they quip you should be realistic. It’s not safe out there.

You know, the market may crash. And the rest of the bleak story to make you quit follows.

Everything is NOT Real

Apart the quantum physicists debates, reality is always what we make of it.

We agree on what we want to believe. The case is often different.

Once, the notion of Earth being at the center of existence was unchallengeable. Now, space explorations and astrological studies has proven otherwise.

In the case of social existence, our tendency for bias is far worse. Our reality is often self-construct.

We always want to believe in the important of our contribution. We even fight over whose experience is far more painful and demand the most pity.

We hype our case. Conversely, we downplay our weaknesses as least critical.

We love stories that buttress our skew view of life. When hard work is pronounce the remedy for failure, we tell stories of the lottery winners!

You can only lie this long!

Nemesis catches on sooner or later.

You can’t break principles. You can only break yourself against them.

Building your reality on false hope have little gain to offer you. In the short run, you enjoy yourself. 

It’s more like resting your leather on the wrong wall. Even when you are successful climbing, you end up on top of the wrong building.

There is no absolute right, you can only strive to be less wrong!

We all in our small ways have lie with live it and expect to be real one day. Don’t die in the someday island.

If you relationship demand a section of truth and harsh words, do it and get over it.

If one of your team has to get off-board. Don’t hesitate.

Things will never become better by themselves. You are in charge, you’ve got to do the work.

When your monthly earning do not commensurate your contribution to the company, voice out and ask for a raise.

It can only get worse when when keep quit and accept the reality you architect yourself.

Reality is fake. Do something to change the trajectory of your life today!

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