How to Start A Blog That Works in Nigeria

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How to Start A Blog That Works in Nigeria

21st May 2017 Blog right 4

It is everywhere and the dailies also help popularize the story. Nigerian female blogger, Linda Ikeji is rich. She makes millions from her dear blog.

Sure, it’s appealing. It appears blogging is the long sought path to richness.

How do I start a Nigerian blog that will make huge sum like hers? That sounds like a question I always ask myself. Maybe you are also asking the same too.

The truth is: Linda is probably one of the early starters blogger in Nigeria. Remember the rule is: champion dominates and early birds catches their prey. Does that mean it’s pointless starting a blog now?

Never. Linda is huge, no doubt. But she only dominates a tiny area of the web. The news and gossip section. There is still a lot more your blog can contribute to humanity. You must be ready to deep yourself into real uniqueness that attracts audience, I mean you being a purple cow.

If you want to stand out as a new blogger, you must focus on serving real value and not just starting a copy and paste business that hopes to make money someday. Here is exactly what you should know.

Real Bloggers Strive To Make Impact


Starting a blog requires some technicalities which I explained in this series. This post is a simple guide pointing out what should drive you towards owning a blog. 

Well, my point is: you are not starting a blog to chase traffic especially in Nigeria. Trust me, no one gives a damn. They won’t come. Neither will they pay you.

After all what actually is the essence of your news blog when the gossips you promised as hotter and original on somewhere else like Linda Ikeji, YNAIJA or Olufamous’s.

This shows why making real impact should be the strive in your content strategy. Pick a topic that is not too obvious and research enough that your post cannot be found anywhere else on the blogosphere. Then teach us what the world has echoed to you.

Dire To Be unique

I know uniqueness may seem like a lone path. After all, the big bloggers in Nigeria are all news carriers. But consider Bamidele and Abdullahi – these guys are remarkable in the writing, freelancing and blogging sphere.

Anything Can Work

There is nothing stopping you from being one of the highly sought Nigerian blogger in 2017. The simple truth is, anything can work as a topic for your blog. Just start with the right mindset of focusing on impacting lives.
Be open at first, test several areas your audience might respond to. Once you got the topic with the highest responses, stick to it. You probably will have to work on building email list and the others including great social media presence and SEO numbo jumbo. However, a successful blog with pay fro the stress of a thousand that fails.

4 Responses

  1. To be remarkable in the writing, freelancing and blogging sphere is a key to success. Thank you so much for sharing these elementary yet necessary tips for us to be considered.

  2. I think the most important thing is to talk about matters that worry people in Nigeria! people should understand that you understand them and share their opinions!

  3. I know that starting a blog cannot be as easy as counting to three. However, you should take into account those meaningful topics your readers might be interested at.

  4. There are so many services in which we have to manage something really reliable due to make sure that we should be a great support in which we have something different in a proper house 

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