How You Can Actually Own A Dot Com Blog like This for Less Than $2.

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How You Can Actually Own A Dot Com Blog like This for Less Than $2.

20th July 2016 Blog right 1
Blogging is a great business, right? In case you don’t know, it is. 
In fact, you can make a whole lot of money blogging. And the good news is: anyone can become a blogger in a minute or two. 
Yes! You can start a blog and earn a living with it.
The chance is that you won’t start. Perhaps because you don’t know how to.


It sucks to have a blog with some dot this dot that dot com. And having to live with an heap of terms and conditions that you may step upon in a minute and lost your blog contents in the next.

If you in the former category, luck you. You will learn a straight two new skills. If you are in the latter, you will learn how to have a top level domain blog (.com, .net, .co) for just $1.17.
Cheap, right? No!
Fact, $1.17 (#397) is a huge sum of money. As the United Nations avers, it is an amount greater than what 7 in 10 Nigerians live on daily. I think I agree with them.


You and I know so well that you can get that in a day or less. In fact, you spend thrice than that on things you never needed in a week.

So what am I saying?

I will share with you how I started this blog with just $1.17 and, perhaps, internet connection. This guide will be in series, but I will try to keep it as short as I can. Before we talk about how you can start a blog, let me give you few reasons I think you should blog.

 Why Blogging?

Here are ten good reasons anyone should start a blog today:

1. You learn new things.

If blogging will not do anything to you, at least you will learn how to blog. Starting a blog at first may seem hard, but you can learn it fast and know how to tweak it and get the best of it with few posts. You just keep learning once you start.

2. Getting feedback helps you grow. Blogging is sure for that.

As a writer, or any other artists, you seriously need a blog. Why? It is a big source of feedback for you works. Although be prepare to receive a bunch of heart shocking comments.

3. It throws you a challenges.

Seriously, the human nature prefers pleasure to pain, no one exempted. The body doesn’t love the work. 
The law of inertia proves to be universal. All human fights it, including me.
That is where blogging stumbles in. It gives you a close attack. You’ll feel prick whenever you are not posting. You’ll always want to do more; research, create products and meet your audience expectations.

4. It is free (or quite affordable).

Yea. It is free. There are thousands of free blogging platforms out there. From the popular blogger, to WordPress, to Medium, the list is just endless. But you may decide to get a better treatment by buying your own domain or hosting one.

5. It can help you grow your business.

Do you know even top businesses fight around the web to gain crazy online presence. With the billions of people around the web, creating a top notch blog will surely help you build your offline or online businesses too.

Just tell your readers about what you do. If they like it, they start buying.

6. It can help you influence public policy.

What if you can make your government change their policy about gayism, child labour, rape and other trending issues? It is possible. Here’s a testimony of a young girl that will wow you.

7. It disciplines you.

Do you want a leniently strict tutor?
Your blog can become that if you value it. Although starting a blog is easy, maintaining it is a very bone-cracking task.
Your blog can become your source of inspiration towards becoming a better discipline and all round person. You will always want to work hard and pull a larger audience.

8. It can get you freelance writing gigs.

Bamidele is a guru in this regard. His blog, Writers in Charge – formerly YoungPrepo has land him countless of writing gigs. Abdullahi’s  has also earned him a buck of cash. Mine also do the same. It’s a proven method.

Yours can do better!

9. It sharpens your observation.

Writing a blog gives you a keen eye that wants to see everything, and a smart brain that loves to know more. 
As Abdulahi avers:
Blogging challenges you to look beyond the obvious, to ask questions where everyone else simply nods, and to set the status quo on its headelps you acquire valuable new skills.

10. It boosts your creative mind.

If you are in any field of art, the best thing you can do to improve your creative self, in this era, is to start a blog. Blog your ideas, share it with readers. Your creativity is bound to boost the more.
In tomorrow’s post, I’ll be sharing exactly how to own a yourname (dot) com blog for exactly $1.17. 
If this resonated with you, help share to reach more people. Someone might become grateful to you forever.

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