I Can’t Be More Honest Than This!

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I Can’t Be More Honest Than This!

14th September 2018 Advices Motivation 0

It goes beyond what you know.

Success is far from what they told us it is.

It’s a series of daily win, not a one time jackpot.

Everyday is going to suck if you don’t have values to direct you.

You will meet no victory if you don’t grow daily. You will be perplexed and perturbed. 

You will feel like boosting out. You will be discouraged.

You will probably be broke a few hundred times and still not sure you will not repeat it again.

You will not feel satisfied by the works you do. You will hate yourself and all of your team players.

You will want to be quiet and sober for possibly a week. You will crave for silent and you won’t get to keep people shut

You will feeling deep hole in your heart, a drive and urge to something greater and better. You will desire to big right now!

Everything will not feel right, look right or sound right. Every little sound will frustrate you.

You will feel exhausted, overworked and cold. You will need warmth, compassion and desire pleasure.

You will want to vanquished and just escape from the troubling world. Everything will not makes sense to you again.

But, be sure, you will get over it.

You are in a league of your own. So set the standard and beat your yesterday.

Even as you feel the unease. You’ve got to outlive, outlast, out-strategise and out-compete nobody but you.

Deep your head down and just do it.

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