Ideas Are Too Cheap To Bank On

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Ideas Are Too Cheap To Bank On

13th September 2018 Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship 0

Sincerely, I am more than convinced you are digging your grave of failure when all you’ve got are ideas (brand new!).

Okay. Let me relax my veins. By that statement, I was actually joking.

Ideas (great ones) still rule the world. But, more than before, fresh new ideas are close myths.

Google is an heavenly gift. You are only a click away to validate your dreams. I hope some guys have not stolen it overnight, good luck.

If you are like me I have a core circle of friends that shares their ideas with me and I do same with. We deeply trust one another.

Ideas often always dominate our discussions. It is a reflection of what great minds we are becoming :).

One thing, however, is that we have a foundational consensus. We believe ideas are too cheap to be new and outrightly yours.

It is not to hold us from coming up with ideas. We are essentially training our mind to always look beyond the surface and dig deeper for innovations.

The truth is: often times our presumption always win. There’s always a ReverbNation that distribute songs for digital downloads with access for artistes to upload song themselves.

And, shockingly, somebody would have thought of the precious domain name you uniquely formed and even gone ahead to acquire it and build the same idea you are keeping silent and feeling happy about.

Secrets To Great Ideas That Work

I know you would have thought about it. I am not writing to discourage you from thinking out great ideas.

Truth, I have a more greater purpose to fulfill. I only want to share you a few things that help come up with great ideas in recent times.

1. Think Regularly

Thinking is like any other skill. The more you use your thinking muscles the better you get good at pouring great ideas.

It takes being deliberate. Ideas that pops into your head are often reflexes. In 90% of the time, they are not fresh enough. And, in most part, it is a saturated one.

To establish a regular thinking habit create a thinking room. It will be your little place where all the great ideas in the world liveth and it is your job to be there to pick some.

In essence, develop a mystic around your thinking chair, room or subway. Feed yourself with thought of how great ideas is freely accessible there and be deliberate in your visit to catch some.

2. Share Your Ideas

The best ideas are worth sharing. If it’s solid, it will stand!

Don’t be corroded with the noise of people stealing ideas. The ideas that make it end up in public. Stop keeping it to yourself.

I am not saying sharing your ideas with strangers is the place to go. The clue is for you to share with better thinkers in your circle who are trustworthy.

I share most of my ideas with my roommate who also happens to be the Chief Financial Officer of my startup, FutureX Media Inc., in our second year.

I trust him to be skeptical enough to challenge it viability and optimistic enough to welcome its potentials. Same goes for Bamigbade Joshua, the Chief Sales Officer, he has the world view that will question the right stuffs.

Sharing your ideas will the right guys strengthen and authenticate them.

3. Do Peer Research and Validation

Confirmation bias will ruin you if you allow. We always want to be right.

To keep your value-free in your effort to checkmate the state of your idea in the marketplace, do peer research and validation.

Don’t search Google yourself. Let your less emotionally attached buddies do the searching.

If you cannot find similar service/products around ask the frank question of why others are not doing it. Gain more insights of the market and know whether your idea fit.

Ask people who do not know you at all. Whether they are willing to pay for the solutions you have brainstorm. Ask, ask and ask.

Be open to criticize and be less emotionally attached to the feedbacks!

4. Still Convinced, Try It.

Don’t cling to a mistake because you spend a lot of time making it.

I am sure the odd will definitely be against your idea. The data you will gather online will shock you. In fact, you will feel the whole world is already doing it.

My advise, do it. Remember, you miss 100% of the shot you did not take.

If you are still convinced about your great idea why not go into the field of play and try your hands at it. Keep it a try!

Ideas will always come to those who do something about the previous ones. It is like digging a well, the more you dig the more water you get.

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If you find this piece enlightening. I gave you permission to share it with the world, I will never sue you for that.

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