In Case You Are Expecting Me At Service

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In Case You Are Expecting Me At Service

25th October 2018 Advices Announcement Entrepreneurs 0

I am currently serving my Father’s land in my room creating more value for the economy at large.

My goal is to help businesses scale and beat the best in the market. Those are the reasons I started FutureX Media Inc., the digital empowerment company.

I strive to pivots and make Nigeria a technology centerpiece. It is something we are capable of.

I am largely interested in the bad to great┬ástory of my dear country and, to me, that’s quite not it by serving as a corps member in one dark village of Sokoto.

What impact will a techpreneur make where there is no light?

Let me create more values when and where I can. If this is all about serving the nation, truthfully I am doing that right here in my room.

But if this is an argument of the unseen importance of the NYSC certificate, I am really not interested.

Keep the certificate, I am not looking for a job neither did a constitution mandate it as a prerequisite of serving as a public office holder.

Stop asking me about why I am not serving my Father’s land, I do that everyday!

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