Leadership in Business: The Start-Up CEO

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Leadership in Business: The Start-Up CEO

22nd June 2017 Entrepreneurship 0

The glue that holds business together is leadership. The prowess you carry as a leader truly matters on how you will be able to manage your team. Simon Sinek often hammer the need to reinforce your why and stand by your core values.

Well, a bunch of my entrepreneur friends complain about my whole perspective to team building. They conclude that entrepreneur should have enough before calling others to join the train. That it is only when you loose more by not hiring that you need a staff.
Good. They are right, if, perhaps, I am also looking forward to hiring staffs and wagers. For me, it is all about building a team, a very robust and trustworthy team, a family of great minds.
I think entrepreneurship at the startup level should be all about that. Find the right pegs for the right holes. Building a team of trusted partnerships that shares bulk of your vision with you.
First and foremost, waiting on getting overflowing meals is mythical and rather far from attainable at a beginner entrepreneur level. The thing is, the bunch of the production will be on your neck while you still hustle to get more jobs couple with the tendency of you still trying hard to learn cool stuffs that will help you scale.
The case might for you. But it’s a fairly universal to me. For a coder and marketer like me, I have to stay atop marketing trends and get to learn new tricks to get my customers blog posts and videos in the golden triangle of Google. 
The most of tasking by far is learning new programming languages, libraries and computing logic. The fact that I am neither a computer science student nor an engineer or by any chance near physical sciences also accounting for my striving in pinning down these computing jargon.
To my point, a team at the level of no income even sounds best for history behind top executives in any company. The fact that they can dare to stay while anger makes breakfast and dinners say something about them understanding while the millions started rolling in.

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