Murder Your Fears

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Murder Your Fears

23rd September 2017 Entrepreneurship Motivation 3
Murder Your Fears - Timmy Brain

Two months ago, I was in Osun State to bury my grandmother from the mother side. She was a wonderful woman. Clearly, a decent entrepreneur with wit and discipline.

My experience living with her as a young lad in elementary school give me the basic foundation that become the building block of how I construct and see the world.

So today I try to figure out the impact of  grandmother and wish most shape my life purpose.

It is a message that will probably nudge everyone of us to take action. Perhaps someone will get struck to act on his dreams.

Early 2000, I was living with my grandmother. She was a farmer, petty trader and she sells Fufu. I and my siblings alike hawk for her everyday the sun shines except Sundays.

Every weekend we visit her farm to dug up Cassavas during harvest time or plant in its season. It was on this farm I learned an important approach to success.

On the farm, there were these three stones we seat pots for cooking with firewood. The first thing I observed about these stones is that they never fall pots if they’re in relative heights and size. The pot will not tilt sideways nor turn upside-down.

With these, even at my young age, I realized that a tree can’t make a forest. Everyone needs the help of others. In fact, one must work with people of like minds, dreams and vision before anything good can work out.

Also, I compare the stones at home with the ones in the farm, and I discovered that the six stones were each on their own weighty, strong and firm. They’re not feeble. They are quite a resistance against any invasion. They could withstand whatever weight the pot carries. Hence, you don’t only need the support of friends but friends of equal strength or more. Ones whom feet hold ground, and firm with their purpose in life.

One other thing that amazes me is that I remember fearing that differ sizes of pots may break my law of stability for three stones. So I do ask my Grandma whether the smaller pots will not turn over. But every time I asked her, she returned with the same reply:

“Place it first.”

Then I’ll place the pot on the burning flames.

Damn! It works.

That’s the way it works often times. Only in few cases, it does require a small pebble or stone to hold the pot firm.

In most cases, however, it beats my expectations and works perfectly good without extra inputs. There I learn there’s nothing that cannot work good unless we decided not to give it a shot.

In every facets of my life, I endeavor to place it first as my Grandma commanded. I give a push, no matter what slim chance I may seemed to have and often it just smart up with no or little add up.

I advice you too to “place it first”. No matter what size or shape you hold, place your pot first.

Not trying is not winning. No input is no output. Not giving your shots is loosing it all. It may merely requires a pebble to fix the rest. Do it anyway so you won’t have a book of regrets later.

Go be the best you can be. Remember no one is better than you.

If you see yourself a poet, submit your poems for possible inclusion in journals. No matter how whack you think you’re, place it first. Join the swarms of poetry contests around. You might become the next poet laureate.

As an entrepreneur, endeavor to do the same. Submit your proposal to that office. Make the sales call. Pitch that client you have been having doubt about since January.

Start your business today. Don’t wait for any big idea. Work with the ones you already have in your charge.

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  1. When you manage to defeat your main fears, you will see a huge number of additional opportunities for your development.

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