Own A Self-Hosted Professionally Designed .COM Blog for #20,000

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Own A Self-Hosted Professionally Designed .COM Blog for #20,000

26th June 2018 Blog right business Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship Startups 2
Self Hosted Website

There is no limit to what you can attain blogging.

I learned about the idea of blogging in 2014. By then, I only know of a friend who is doing it partially posting is long political essays to impress himself.

At first, the idea do not look so fascinating to me. I thought it is a doodle conquest to nothing.

Soon enough, I realise bloggers are making great impact in the world. The shock was that many of them worth millions in Naira.

From the success of LindaIkeji Blog to BellaNaija and a few of other folks like Bamidele Onibalusi and Muhammed Abdullahi in freelance writing space. I was awed.

Then I started my sub-domain blogs on Blogger, WordPress, Wix, and name them. I was disappointed about the traffic. It was terrible.

It seems all of the world is against me and nobody is interested in my niches and topics. I flip niches like calendar and try many tricks and tweaks I learned from the blogging guru.

I wanted traffic. I wanted Google Ads. I wanted to affiliate products. I wanted to build mailing list and maybe one day sell them a book about writing and books.

I hoped to be the new Seth Godin, Neil Patel or even Jeff Goin or a motivational top blogger as Benjamin P. Hardy.

I have got the secrets of how they monetise their traffic, mailing list, webinars and even books. I know the secret of promoting reading by becoming a guru Amazon affiliates.

I know of Commission Junction where you get all of the products in the world to promote at a commission rate. I know how well hosting sells, and the much Bluehost is ready to offer on a single sell.

For me, I am sure all of the money is hidden around. Everything is well thought out. I have figured SEO tactics that doesn’t just work yet.

I can build followers on social platforms by checking a list I only pay with my email address to get.

But Something Happened?

I quit.  

And definitely, I started again but with a different approach.   This time I actually want to learn. I want to have something worth selling.   I learned Web Programming over 1 years of no social media. I faced the pace and grow from front end development to full stack. Then with a few friends on board, we started a digital empowerment company, FutureX Media.   Our goal is to help business get online and then true live testing with many industries, products and customers we will figure out how exactly people choose to buy from one brand to another.

How you can start a blog successful and grow it to your preferred monthly income.   Since 2016, one have only one constant yet.   It may look like any affiliate marketer trying to sell you into buying but it will shock you that your first step online is a WEBSITE!  

But not just any type a responsive website that can perform perfectly cross browser!   In one word, your web experience must be more than fantastic. It must be a smooth run and not necessarily a wow!   A predictable model of browsing is all your readers primarily crave for and not a chunk of image displays. Sure. To get such experience on your blog need a touch of the experts. The bad news: that normally cost a fortune. You probably can’t afford $20,000 as a start up blogger.

Here comes the good news, you can own a professionally designed responsive self-hosted WordPress blog for just #20,000 that is around $59.   I am not talking about hosting only!   I mean a great interface, WordPress fully installed and customized with premium themes!   Exactly what you want right?   After you have purchased one through this link, lets meet in the next article to talk about must important metric as a blogger.

2 Responses

  1. Timmy is about to teach the truthful fundamentals of successful blogging. Who I am to say that? I was there when he was learning it the hard way!

    And his promise was to teach others for free when all the dots connects.

    Now, he is doing as he promised!

  2. Unknown says:

    Oh! I am excited this is coming from Timmy Brain, the only guy I trust he knows what he is talking about. He has helped us gain tons of leads over the last 2 years on our educational blog.

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