Rethinking Content

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Rethinking Content

2nd January 2019 Content Strategy Marketing Videos Writing 0

perfection is dump.

It sucks when you are trying so hard to come up with blazing articles that will go viral.

It is the sort of thing that goes on in my head that often block me from ditching out contents.

I just want to be great at it, probably overnight.

I am clearly self-aware. I know that any form of success doesn’t come in that format.

It takes severe dedication and consistent delivery to build momentum and push through the beginner’s game.

It takes expert to become expert.

I have got to be so good at it before anybody will ever recognize how good I am.

It is sought of pain in the ass.

I don’t openly throw blames around. But I know something in my head often complain about how sluggish I type and why not finishing my typing course is the problem.

How every damn topic on earth has been written about. And how mediocre my writing style is or even the huge ingenuity in my writing tone.

But this is 2019, the future is NOW!

If I really care about being an opinion leader, it is my duty to push out thoughts in format that resonate with the world.

It is now easier with the advent of podcasts and videos.

So if writing and editing is the kind of shit you also find hard to keep up with switch to the cool sports.

Just know that the easy path also have its hard ways….

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