The Pain of Taking Giant Leap

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The Pain of Taking Giant Leap

23rd June 2017 Entrepreneurship 0

I have now come to the agreement that the only thing that differentiates an entrepreneur from mere mortals is the ability to take risk coupled with the heart to manage the outcome of such quantum leaps.

By and large, I’m proud to be an entrepreneur. It’s never ever been a smooth journey even for a month. There’s always the rough side of everyday and every success that steps my way.
I can recount after gaining a first whooping sum of #25,000 (really mean something then) to design a church website, I lost my first Laptop while trying to register my business name.

To me, registering a business was all a giant leap because there wasn’t an overflowing resource to attain it, we are all banking on manna in the wilderness while sticking to the risk.
What we have in mind was we must register our business name even if it means dying of hunger (of course, it is not possible it will only force us to strive more).

On the 21st of June, 2017 I took another dose of courage. This time around it means borrowing from a friend with an agreement to return it in three weeks max. The sum I borrowed with all the coins in my account was what I used in purchasing the EliteBook I’m typing these thoughts into. Well, my previous laptop which was also bought out of the stone believe I can, and the consequential big deals of UMCA chapel website and others is still hale but I need to scale to mobile App development quick, but the little space and hard disk space plus even the processor speed cannot accommodate such luxury. So I took it and did it.

That’s it. It will always be about risking it, quitting school to face your entrepreneur pursuits and much more. Well, maybe that’s what it all take to model success. Mark Zukerburg, Bill Gates, Patrick Bet David, Brain Tracy and many other top rated entrepreneurs and thought leaders did exactly the same.

If then we can’t do more by taking higher risks why do we think we can be greater than they are.
Overnight, one of the big salesperson on my team and, of course, my vice president lost his dearly “one-and-only” university-given-to-him tablets all in the pursuit of dexterity in web programming. Tough, he now official own my former laptop—the portable damsel that lasts 7 hours on battery I bought in February.

We know we have deep our two legs in the risk world where no taking risks and fearing of failing is the greatest sins. You shoot it and loose honorably, and you do not and remain poor forever.
If you don’t have the heart to manage our world better quit dreaming and focuses on the grammar your lecturers speak. Know the book cover to back, or be ready for great slams and greater rejections. It’s just part of the game, and that’s the way we play the infinite game of business. There’s neither winner nor a loser. Just play.

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