The Real Deal of Extreme Ownership

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The Real Deal of Extreme Ownership

27th April 2019 Entrepreneurship Relationship 0

Don’t ever choose to play it safe.

In life, no matter what decisions you make there are dozens of people that will not be satisfied.

The bad news: you may finally lose those relationships. Who cares? Afterall we are not interested in the container, we are interested in the contents.

The good news: you will learn the real deal of extreme ownership — you own the consequences of all your actions and inactions.

In no time, people easily over prioritize themselves claiming you started with them. Hence, they feel entitled to give you permission to move forward or not!

They will be unavailable, less committed and largely irresponsive to any demand of them.

Yet, they feel entitled to perks of the business. If the business case demand you unseat them of a position they take it as a crime against humanity.

When the organization resources require to move to a better quarter for ultimate performance, they feel it is their right to keep it.

Such attitudes are big signs of low level thinking and lacking in leadership. You don’t keep such people for long.

As entrepreneur, you have to be ruthless. Take decisions and don’t wait for everybody to be happy.

The people you are trying not to offend will end up not interested in making the vision a reality. They will still quit on you when the business fails.

They will end up telling you how busy they are the moment you need them most.

You will be shell shocked when they start making decisions and no longer involve you. They will buy laptops and even take research breaks and won’t inform you when they do.

If they are in sales, they won’t care if nobody order. If they are in financial department, expect a blank record of sales for a long while.

You will be the one making enquires about their purchases, travels and unavailability before you ever know anything about them.

They will start giving signals of ‘don’t count on me’. They will virtually complain about everything and anything.

As an addendum, if someone cannot sacrifice his meals for your team. Don’t make him one of your top board leaders. Note that, leaders eat last and if the person leading only care about himself, you are heading towards a wreck…

Shockingly, it will become their duty to pull you down. They wait on you to come fix their licking roof become your remove your solar panel without their *permission*.

The only thing that is your duty is success. Quit on people that quit on you. Let’s go of people that will not grow you.

One, they will not be a good culture fit for you business. Two, you will always have many ego issues to resolve which will drag down your business performance.

If you can quit on a 4 year degree to pursue your dream. Quit bottleneck relationships that try to hold you down for personal issues.

Quit on anyone feeling too important in your life. Quit on toxic people that started feeling entitled to you.

Quit on the girlfriend that started demand for salary. Quit on your roommate that is unwilling to grow up. Remember John C. Maxwell famous quote, “you have to give up to grow up”.

Quit. It is your best shot at success!

Quit for the right reasons!

Navigate to a better route, and find joy building your life and impacting leaders.

Drop your comments below on things you are quitting on right away.

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