The Real Fear of Missing Out

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The Real Fear of Missing Out

24th March 2019 Advices Entrepreneurs 0

What is it you are actually missing in this argument of the future is not secure?

Well, the key marker is the rise of search engine. It marks a point at which Change changes the way change occurs.

It is an obvious truth that the presence of a new knowledge signifies a change in human process.

It is until we learn that two stones can spark and bring forth fire that the dynamics of cooking grains and frying fishes make their ways into our kitchens.

So we have slow progress over the course of billions of year with a little more knowledge, we build a whole world of endless new possibilities.

The progress has always exist but it has been incremental not exponential.

The rise of exponential changes can of course be largely alluded to the information technologies that make all the world connected. Especially the search engines, wikis, blogs and online storage units that democratize access to Read, Edit, Save and Trash knowledge as deemed valid or otherwise.

We finally have the power of REST at our finger tips. The kind that make us all stay awake all night coding the next big platform that automate everything and take means of living from hundreds of thousands of youthful bodies.

A new startup of 5 coders can disrupt the entire market for accountants and accounting firms with the right algorithm leaving the problem of looping through arrays of business numbers to a mini laptop that does the work in split seconds and even provide meaningful insight into what the business owners should focus on in the next quarter.

It is an insane world, no job is secure. A robotic is coming to take away your job or, less harsh, the most part of it. There is no going back, we are stall in this infinite loop of changes.

It is so severe that it shuts even products of his own making down in microseconds.

Where is Friendster? 2go? Mobifree? Nokia? and every other platform that took jobs away from the old ways. The more gadget we have, the more we seem to prefer the digital version rather than the printer doing its job. (Remember, even the printer was once a technological baby, showered with beautiful roses.)

In this rapidly changing world, one lie you don’t want to believe is to accept ‘Your case is different`. Let me surprise you, everybody’s case is.

And your older brothers, sisters and cousins are yet to find good jobs not to talk of great ones.

If you are wondering what the solution is that I want to suggest. Honestly, I will be lying if I claim to have figured it all out.

But I hope this piece will start you on a journey to a more critical evaluation on the state of things.

To rap this up, if a mall with over 200 staffs reduces to only 2 – one as the manager and the other the security guard. Every other thing is all automated and the customers do the shopping themselves while the machines handle the rest.

Then, it is time to start thinking how your skills may attract zero patronage in the coming years.

As history will have it, New York alone has over 100,000 horses in the 1900. Now, they can only find a few hundred around the city. The game is now against human and how do you plan to be the royal horse that cannot be sold away?

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