The Subtle Art of Being A Purple Cow

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The Subtle Art of Being A Purple Cow

2nd February 2018 business Entrepreneurship Marketing 0

Seth Godin is the popular father of permission marketing. His book Purple Cow receive massive following and his idea are widely acknowledge

He challenge all creators and marketers to be remarkable — worthy of remarking about.

In Contagious, Jonah Berger with the STEPPS acronyms, explains the elements that makes things catch on.

  • Social Currency
  • Triggers
  • Emotions
  • Public
  • Practical Value
  • Story

Many more books has also be written in effort to illustrate how we gain and retain attention. Some of which have a more fundamental outlook to the topic and some other with the How-Tos that dwell on the cool things of the day.

Either ways, the world is fast changing and these ideas are fast becoming obsolete. The relevancy of the solutions and frameworks provided are constantly attracting critics.

But the fundamental truths is human are still humans, no matter the changing face of technology. There are still things that make us tick.

So what is the psychological truth you have discovered to help you hit the market and remain the dominant force?

How do you plan to be remarkable and gain the needed attention to make the world work for your product/services?

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