The World is NOT against You, Mr. Salesman

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The World is NOT against You, Mr. Salesman

6th September 2018 Advices business Marketing myths 0

To become successful in sales you have to grow beyond your emotions.

You have to understand a fundamental truth, people will reject you no matter the level of your expertise.

Suspects will appear as prospects.

People will block you from chatting with them.

I will pay next week becomes a 4 months hide-and-seek game. You will definitely be frustrated.

Watching all the sales pitches on YouTube might not change your situation either. Giving great slash offers and high discounts may trigger nobody to buy.

Reading the latest book on selling may not exactly meet your industry demands. The context might just differ.

Selling is cool.

We can’t deny that simple truth.

When things are going fine and prospects are converting, you feel like Harry Porter with the magical wand bending the wind to your will.

Well, nobody pray for the dry days. But, it is just inevitable in the world of selling.

A true salesman simply prepare for them! And he is aware of the truth:

Having a big heart is never big enough to handle rejections.

Rather, you need a big list. Long enough to make loosing 50 prospects a night not so important.

Pulling enough contacts is at the heart of the selling. It is so important that nothing happens before it.

You don’t get to pitch without contacts. No contact, no objection. No contact, no closing.

Become a master at pulling contacts and step your game in selling.

Everyday meet new people that matters. Search Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for businesses/persons that need your products and services.

Make great offers and allow your site visitors to easily join your mailing list.

In sales, pulling contacts can’t just be too much. You cannot overdo it.

So go out there and pulling all the contacts that may lead to conversion and stop complaining that the world is against you.

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