There is Nothing like Online Customer

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There is Nothing like Online Customer

28th October 2018 Advices business Content Strategy 0

Everybody is looking for help.

There’s no point stressing this. Face the ugly truth, why do you buy online?

Aren’t we all offline people?

But Google has just find a way to answer all our questions.

So when I feel like knowing why my teeth ache, I type the symptoms to the most friendly search box I ever know and here comes my solution.

Thousands of suggestions and recommendations from hundreds of blogs show up my way.

I will definitely pick one of out of the first three (that falls into the golden triangle). They have something more valid to say, and Google has acknowledged that (by placing them in the first three spot).

Then the article sold me on what next to do.

They have the products or they refer me via an affiliate link.

I bought the solution, to be deliver in 48 hours.

I tried it out, the pains are gone. Everybody is happy.

But I am not sure your store that sells the same product down the street loves my story.

I really don’t care, your article should have pop up if you really care about me.

That’s the new buyer’s journey.

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