Thinking Out Loud

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Thinking Out Loud

9th October 2018 Advices Challenge 0
Thinking Out Loud

I realize a simple truth.

Any man that values money than his time already have limits to his success.

You can’t prioritize money than your time and have money, it is that simple.

Money flows to those who make the best of their time.

Time is the only unlimited resources that is limited to all.

Think about that for a second and see how much time you have wasted for money.

A far less item in the order of importance to what make for meaningful living.

If you can save a second, do so at even at hundreds of dollar. You just set a new price-tag for your time!

And now, you will realize how important your time is even in naming how much you are worth.

Next time you going out don’t opt for walking only because you wish to save some dollar.

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