This One Thing Will Ruin You

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This One Thing Will Ruin You

11th September 2018 Advices Challenge 0

Is there a single thing that can ruin anybody in life?

I think I have found one. It’s so common it’s ruining many lives already.

It’s Status Quo Thinking.

If you are one of them. They type that generally oppose change and fight the trace of any change vehemently.

Let me surprise you, you are doom!

You are already set up for failure right before you begin.

Everything will change, including You.

Things will always not be the way it has been. The world is changing.

What are previously unthinkable are the order of the day. New crime dimensions.

In the last decades, technology has changed the way we think, work, communicate and connect.

Ever than has previously experienced, we have wealth in zeros and even travel in figment of time.

These changes are improving our life and capacity. We are rapidly developing and having the good life.

But, Change Is Not Always Positive!

Primarily to the ones which will do just anything to block it!

You can’t break principles. You only break yourself against them.


Change is constant!

Everything is changing, so much you. Release your hold of old values and welcome the new.

Staying a laggard profit you less. Well, you enjoy the leftovers.

Only those we embrace change, master it and get the best of it.

The old is vital, no doubt. But the new is better.

Murder Your Fear!

What is the underling thought for your opposite? 

What makes you fear the change? Why are you groaning about it?

Many people sabotage themselves, businesses, careers and relationship fighting a change that’s definite.

Your children will leave for college. Our parents will die.

You will loose some customers. The economy will experience changes.

Why do you battle with changes that are almost certain.

Why not face them and murder you fears.

Be realistic, just this once!

The best way to handle fears is to face them. Know what scares you and proffer the remedy.

Sought out for experts that know better.

In case of no remedy. Face it and pivot to better things.

If you girlfriend left for college while you are still seeking admission, expect a change.

I am not saying she is dropping you for another guy for sure. But I am sure her schedule is definitely going to be different from what you use to know.

Change is a fact of life. Learn to live with it.

My Challenge

I believe so much in a philosophy:

Small wins teach you big wins. 

The Law of Momentum – Timmy Brain

If you noticed you are quite unwelcoming to change. Start teaching yourself with small things.

For me, I used minutia such as changing the location of my computer taskbar, reading table and even the entire room dimension. 

Most times, if feels like the most awkward thing to do. Something I feel the urge of returning them to the status quo.

But over time I have learned to endure and change things ever changing and yet be comfortable with it!

It is a good place to start.

Now, go to the comment box to tell me the little changes you want to be doing regularly to master change.

Be sure, I read every comment. Thanks.

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