You Only Have To Be Right This Once

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You Only Have To Be Right This Once

10th September 2018 Advices Motivation 0

Taking risk is no colourful deal. You will always have fears to deal with.

Fake expression appears real is the best definition for fear. It’s all happening in your head.

You must grow beyond your fears. Cast little worries on the things that may probably go wrong.

Be positive. Gravitate towards the things that will make you happy long term. Focus on the good parts!

One thing you should be clear about is that no one ever got it on a platter of gold. Only prepared minds got lucky when the opportunity shows up.

Challenge your fears daily.

The things you fear are actually afraid of you. It is only through doing that knowing occurs.

It’s only through knowing that being proceed. It is a chain of process!

You don’t have to figure it all out before you get started.

Success is a process not a destination!

If you holding back to risk it all now. You are yet to understand there is no failure for those you try.

Exactly. They only win or they learn.

You lose 100% of the shot you fail to take.

It’s that simple.

Once you push beyond your current capacity, you develop a new edge. The edge is foremost to success!

It’s a reality of life that only who got to the edge can actually cross over to the other side of the bridge.

You are currently in a state of life. You desire to move to the better side.

You want promotion at your workplace. You feel like starting your own company.

Divorce, single or separated you desire to build a better relationship. It all take being on the edge.

Successful people know today matter. They keep to the edge everyday.

You may need to risk quitting your job and going broke if you mean your effort to get a business under your bet.

It might mean dropping out of school. It may require learning programming or pitching a mentor.

Same goes for relationship and almost every other thing you want to do.

Better relationship is not always accidental. You have to let go of the past.

Dare to ask for a date. Request for WhatsApp numbers and actually chat up.

Keeping safe in the cocoon doesn’t better the situation.

The gift of taking risk is that it always leave us better off. How?

If you are single, that’s your status. If you ask for a date and all the girls said NO (which is a lie you telling yourself) it still doesn’t change your status or reduce you.

Even in business, investing your money in loosing it is not that worse. It leaves you better off.

Unlike the previous example where you lose nothing, in business you may lose cash but you have discover just another business that will not work.

That may be the start of a consulting business for you on the topic. In fact, you can have a bestseller on New York Times to the lessons learned. 

Take the charge. Take the risk and just be better off.

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